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With every incarnation, your soul returns to the planet to increase, to expand, for its growth. In prior lifetimes, your soul was younger, less advanced. Your soul comes back, to go through challenging life experiences, tests, lessons that help move the soul forward.

Those in your life, your sister, brother, parents, cousins, your best friends, your neighbor and your ex-husband, all agreed to be part of your soul’s journey in this lifetime. They are the ones who help create the opportunities, the situations for your soul to master, to triumph over.

By mastering your thoughts, emotions, words and actions, your soul progresses, it evolves, in each lifetime.

With each incarnation, you master ‘the self,’ through your healing and inner transformation, your soul is perfected. This is part of the plan, created by the Source of all of Creation. Spirit, God, Source, the Universe’s sole aim is to help your soul to advance, to succeed in its mission.

The pain, the anguish, the loss, none of it was in vain. It all took place for you to overcome. Your soul asked for this experience. Through trauma, the soul grows, as you gain a new perspective on life, love, your priorities, finding a renewed, heightened understanding of your existence in your human body.

Inner transformation is a fluid, gradual process. It comes with time, patience, falling and rising, lessons learned – and internal healing. As the soul transforms, the things, the people, the situations that you were aligned with a year ago, no longer resonate with your evolved soul of today.

You understand your energy is precious, it is sacred, you now fully grasp your presence here as a divine being. Those you choose to share your energy with on a more personal level, are also aligned with this greater awareness and choose a more purposeful, spiritual way of being.

With the evolution of your soul, you choose a lifestyle, a way of being that is more conscious. Your awareness of living, eating, buying more consciously is now heightened, choosing a more minimalistic way of existence.

Thoughts create one’s reality. You not only understand this on a conceptual level, you have lived it. You realize everything that exists, is made of energy. The mind is a powerful tool, and through this divine gift, you understand you have the ability to create the life you love, through the power of intention.

Now, you choose to think thoughts that serve your highest good. Patterns of overthinking, negativity, standing in judgment of others, have all been replaced with a more positive frame of reference.

You have a greater awareness that as a divine being, you were given the power to create your reality through your thoughts, words, and intentions.

All choices you make today, reflect your decision to align with a higher vibration – and greater consciousness.

With soul evolution, you come to know that you have everything you need inside of you, you were created this way, complete, fully prepared to take on the mission your soul chose to undertake in this incarnation.

All you need resides within. The love, the happiness, the peace, the good, the richness, the sense of being fulfilled, its already there. You simply needed to heal, to return home to your true self, as a divine being, to fully embrace this truth.

Today, you realize that your inner healing, your choice to transform, and your soul expansion not only benefits you, it leads to the transformation of the planet.

In choosing to embrace love (i.e.. peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance) over fear, (i.e.. hate, resentment, blame, guilt, jealousy) you bring balance to the world. When you decide to evolve, you vibrate at a higher frequency, you feel it, the planet feels it.

Everything must be in balance. As you give, you receive. By giving more love, you receive more of the same. By embracing the highest vibrational frequency there is, which is love, the planet comes into energetic balance, all comes into perfect alignment, as it was created to.

The more you shift in your level of consciousness, the greater the vibrational shift of our world. Your greater knowingness tells you, we can collectively choose to create a healthier, more loving planet by raising our own consciousness. This is soul evolution, this is transformation on a soul level. It is through collective consciousness, the world can change, for the highest good of humankind.

You now recognize the divinity in others, regardless of what they have done in the past. There are younger souls, just as there are souls that are more evolved. Each soul is on its own unique journey, with its own timetable for its evolution, there is no judgment in any of it. You have come to realize, to accept, that everything that happened, took place for your greatest good, for your soul to transform.

With your growth, comes the understanding that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Your soul is made of pure, divine white light, connecting you to the Divine, to the Universe – and to every other soul on the planet.

Your connection to the Divine and to the entire Universe has strengthened. There is a greater sense of oneness, the realization you are one with all – and all is one with you. All that has been given life, is sacred. The birds that circle above, the fish in the sea, each human, created rare, perfectly imperfect – and all created with a higher purpose, through Source. How magnificently created you are!

An evolved soul has let go of stories, that no longer serve its growth. Stories that are limiting. Beliefs that keep the soul small. These lies, such as, “I cannot be happy unless I am in a place, in a situation, or in a relationship,” or “I have no gifts or talents,” “I am not lucky in love,” “I am really bad at relationships,” are all ideas built on fear.

Fear predicates these false truths, that hold you back from living life freely, expansively, with peace of mind, body – and spirit. You cannot live in this contracted state, it is not the way Source intended. Your evolution does matter, your expansiveness, your success in this life, it is all written in the stars. It is why your soul came back.

Understanding now that as you heal these limiting beliefs, the social conditioning, the childhood traumas, the abuse and the pain, you align with Universal energies.

By aligning with this frequency, you invite in all blessings in abundance into your life. You have a newfound desire to surround yourself with all that will elevate you, as you come into greater alignment with the Light – and the light of your soul.

You know the ego fuels fear, it creates imbalance and conflict inside of you – and in your relationships. Today, you make the conscious decision to lay your ego behind you. When faced with any selfishness, intolerance, lack of integrity, or greed, you decide to look at the person or the situation with a new lens, looking at them from a soul-level perspective.

And when you face moments where your ego gets the best of you, you shift, viewing yourself from the outside -in, as an onlooker, recognizing where you could shape shift, change, surpass the old ways of being. You then exercise self-compassion, understanding that the ego is part and parcel of being in this human body.

You choose to rise above it, changing your approach, your perspective, your words, stepping more in alignment with your essence. This is soul deep evolution.

Let’s be clear. To abandon your ego does not mean that you allow others to take advantage of you, to diminish you, or to gaslight you. Rather, you stand your ground, with courage, dignity – and grace. There is no room for bitterness. There is no need for animosity.

You speak your truth, with a heart-centered strength, infused with patience – and a compassionate spirit.

There is a balanced, harmonious flow to how you move through the world. Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, both aspects of your humanness, are expressed with ease.

And as you continue to rise above the pettiness, the trivial matters of everyday life, beyond the small mindedness, you grow conscious of your growth, your inner transformation.

You are less reactive, more grounded, returning to your center, no matter what life seems to throw at you. It serves as confirmation that you have expanded. You deserve accolades for the inner work you have committed to – and it feels good.

With your soul growth, you begin to feel at ease with just being, not always doing, more content in the present moment. And you become more self-sufficient and self-reliant. Your connection to your soul is deepening, waking you up ever more to the sheer power that lies inside of you.

Choosing to release things, circumstances, and people that no longer grow you or serve you, is how your soul evolves. Realizing that your happiness does not hinge on relationships, possessions, titles, symbols of status, anything outside of your being.

You honor your energy, understanding it must be fiercely protected, preserved, with a greater awareness that the negative energy of others does impact your own. This has made you more selective of those that can share space with you. Putting up with energy vampires is no longer up for debate.

There is less of a focus on the expectations, beliefs and judgments of others. You understand people will continue to judge and will do so based on their level of awareness, the knowledge gained through experience, their soul’s growth.

The things that bothered you once before, no longer have a hold over you, because of your mental fortitude, your grasp on the true meaning of life – and your evolution as a spirit being.

Gone are the days where you are triggered by the words, attitudes and behaviors of others. And you have grown more compassionate with yourself when you fall short, falling back into the old you. With self-acceptance, self-love and a greater understanding that you are perfectly imperfect, you try once again to embrace your true identity.

Growing in patience, a deeper trust, an unshakable inner knowing that, all that is for you (i.e.. the career, purpose-filled life, love, etc.) will come to you, in divine order – and divine timing.

Everything in your life, all of it, has happened for your soul to expand, beyond your humanness. Nothing happens by chance. It is all part of Universal design, there is no doubt in your mind.

Saying yes to all that resonates with you, standing boldly behind your choices in this life, signals soul growth. You know it is aligned with your soul when you feel at peace. This is the true indicator that the love, the career, the new living arrangement, the choices you have made, are all in line with your truest self.

You trust your intuition more, paying greater attention to those nuances, the subtle messages your soul brings to your awareness. Having a greater grasp on the energy of those around you, you are better able to read other’s intentions, this is how your soul protects you.

Choosing light over darkness, love instead of fear. You now make your way in this world by siding with the highest vibration there is, love.

With your evolution, you move with integrity, dignity, poise and resolve, knowing that all of the Universe is behind you, conspiring to give your dreams wings to fly, helping you to realize you already have everything you need, inside of you, you simply need to believe it.

You transform in every area of your life. Your relationships, your self-confidence, self-respect, work/career, finances, creativity, personal freedom, and your happiness, all radically upgrade, aligning you with the unfolding of your soul.

It is through your transformation that you meet each day with a heart full of gratitude. Your oneness with Spirit, with all that is, this is now a certainty. You have returned home, it was a journey of remembrance. And your heart is glad.

You walk with appreciation for all lessons learned, the trials, the challenges, the relationships, the circumstances, they all showed you who you are, you feel it in your bones, it was all part of a greater plan. This brings you to tears of joy, and from it, you are liberated.

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face mask · January 11, 2021 at 4:18 pm

I honor the logic in this post, although I hope to read further insight from you in time.

simone · January 27, 2021 at 6:11 pm

Hello. I appreciate your response. I am always hoping what I write will be of benefit. Enjoy your day!

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