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Not a day goes by that we do not hear of, read of, or witness for ourselves, the immense pain that is on our planet today. Shootings in schools, where children who are experiencing their own inner unrest, take their anger, frustration, their sense of helplessness and hopelessness – and project this pain onto those in their “line of fire.”

Men in agony, with a childhood story of unhealed trauma, feeling lost, out of control, in despair, who decide to take their own lives – and those of their families, because of the torment felt for far too long.

Police officers, who took an oath to protect, serve and defend the rights and lives of citizens, instead abuse their power, and gun down youths for traffic violations. Precious lives lost, often without justice, always without reason. Children, exposed to the darkness of the world, who survive molestation, sexual abuse, most often at the hands of those close to them, their own flesh and blood.

When will it end?

Then we have the clear, unmistakable destruction of our planet. From greenhouse gases and unsustainable practices and ways of living, we see a change in our climate. Our ozone layer is not able to protect us as it once did. Deadly, catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes, erupting, taking with it everything in its path.

The city of Venice that was once flooded because of rising tides, finally receded during the coronavirus lockdown because we remained indoors. And today, the city is experiencing drastically low tides, leading to empty canals – all a result of the change in our climate.

Mankind is destroying mankind. Some speak of God’s wrath against humanity. But in reality, we are bringing destruction to all of Source’s creation. Change must come now. We must take ownership of ourselves, our emotional health and well-being. We must do what needs to be done, to bring back inner peace, harmony – and joy after trauma.

Whether there was pain in your childhood and/or as an adult, when you commit to healing on the inside, the planet heals. Since we are spirit beings, made of energy, when we experience unhealed pain of any kind, our thoughts, emotions and intentions are impacted. Everything we think, feel, and speak is made of energy, it carries a frequency. And as we continue to move in the world, holding the deep pain inside of us, this affects those around us – and it does bring harm to the planet.

This must stop now!

All of our thoughts, words, and actions send an energetic vibration out into the earth’s atmosphere, and this message is received by the Universe. If our thoughts and emotions are based in fear, (ie. shame, rage, jealousy, envy) this in turn creates a reality of greater fear. This is evident in the violence, the hate, the intolerance between one other – and the impact on the planet, in the form of greater suffering and ruin.

Our thoughts do create our lived reality.

Just for a moment, let us place the health of the planet aside. After all, our mental and emotional well-being and choice to live from a higher space of consciousness, is what determines the health of Mother Earth. It is important to understand that by holding grudges, bitterness, and resentment inside of us, we are hurting ourselves. We bring illness into our lives, when in contrast, through our healing, releasing, and renewal we instead find peace, health and happiness.

It is a choice.

It is always a choice we have to change ourselves, on the inside. When you consciously decide to change the way you speak, think and act, you life changes. You become lighter, brighter, more expansive. Gratitude, harmony and peace become your mantras. And when you sense you have come out of alignment with your true identity, you again decide to become more loving, accepting, and thankful in all of your relationships and intentions. This is your true nature, this is your soul’s essence. In making an effort to grow every day and in each moment, you move further in alignment with your true self or your soul. By staying open to change, you invite in the abundance and prosperity of the Universe, it is a blessing that comes with being in your human body. But you must align with it. And to do this, your healing is a must.

Your soul contracted to come here to the planet to grow. When you choose to grow, you choose to fulfill your destined life. Your destiny is one of promise, of health, peace, love and joy. You were never meant to suffer. Suffering is an illusion, it is steeped in fear. And fear came into being from the subconscious mind of humanity. You were always meant to prosper, to succeed, to live in truth.

And the truth is, blessings are always here for you. But you must align yourself with these blessings in abundance that surround you in each given moment. Choosing to take ownership of the words you use or the thoughts you entertain, determines the life you live. Energy works like a boomerang. What you put out, does come back to you. Karma is created. You want your karma to be the sort that results from your good intentions. The karma that is created from an unhealed soul, brings further suffering in this lifetime.

This is not the reality we want to create for ourselves.

Staying stuck in fear means suffering in silence rather than seeking your liberation through healing. It is staying contracted, instead of living an open and expansive life and way of being. And holding grievances inside of us, over a full embrace of love. This is how we stay in bondage. Let us, by choice, create a collective reality that will serve us all.

Violence against women is rampant, worldwide. One in three women has experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. This brings with it, physical, mental, emotional – and sexual challenges.

All forms of violence against children globally is at one billion. When our children undergo violence of any kind, it impacts their physical health and their mental/emotional well-being. Many children go to sleep in fear, of being assaulted under their own roof at the hands of their fathers, step-fathers, or coming into harms way at school, church, or walking home alone.

Abuse is cyclical. When one person in a lineage is abused, (i.e.. physical, sexual, emotional/mental) there is a greater chance of it being passed onto the following generation(s). This is what is known as generational trauma. And when it is left unhealed, it has the potential to flow into the generations that follow.

We can change this.

Racism, misogyny, homophobia, intolerance of all kinds, continue to surface in our current reality, so they can be healed. Our differences were never meant to separate us. The color of a person’s skin, their religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic place in this life, were not designed to bring scorn, hate, feelings of inequality or injustice. Instead, these superficial variations are here for us to overcome, to lead us in the direction of the soul’s natural longing, for love. When you choose tolerance, compassion, and acceptance, you align with your truest self. Our essence goes deeper than phenotypical differences or social constructs rooted in fear, these were handed down to us – and it is possibly what you currently identify with, in the flesh.

The killing, the hate, all violent acts against humanity must stop now! Humanity is wiping itself out, it is not the wrath of the Creator. It is humankind’s wrath against each other, this must end. This is now out of control and appears to be getting worse with each passing day.

Incidents of hate crimes are ongoing, people in pain, who in turn inflict pain on others. People in despair, sharing that inner unrest with anyone who can take it away from them, although only temporarily. Because humanity is in such deep pain, this energy that is bottled up within, must flow somewhere else, and it is instead placed on the innocent, the unaware, the unassuming.

People must be held accountable for their actions because of the pain that remains inside of them, not because they are somehow flawed beings. Anger, wrath, despicable acts of volatility, continue to blanket the earth, rendering Her powerless to do much else than to absorb the pain of the people She sustains.

Hate, intolerance, a lack of regard for those who we find it difficult to identify with, in one form or another, is learned behavior. This need to create a separation between self and others, might stem from the beliefs or teachings handed down to you, in your family of origin. This mentality is borne out of fear. Often, we fear what we do not know.

Change begins with you.

Healing is how you can begin that change. Change is one of the hardest things to face in our human bodies. And when you decide to shift your way of being, it is important to be compassionate with yourself when you return to your old ways, beliefs, everything you identified with for so long. Change is slow, progressive, it takes time. Be patient with yourself. It is part of being in human form. Realize, once again, who you truly are at the core, a spirit being, a soul, here on the planet to transcend the hate, the pain, the trauma, the silent suffering. This is how you can begin to open up to the possibility of change.

Through your healing, you can transform the past that still haunts you. Your soul is leading you to the path created just for you, it is a trail that awaits your inner renewal. You must let go of the pain that remains from your past, your childhood wounds, old belief systems, patterns of thinking and being that no longer serve you, all must be released and healed, to come into alignment with the abundance that surrounds you.

Finding your healing is up to you and can take many forms. You might choose a mental health therapist for talk therapy, EMDR or eye movemnent desensitization reprocessing, (a therapeutic technique for childhood/adult trauma) kundalini yoga, meditation, prayer and more. There are a number of ways to begin to heal. And you might choose to draw from multiple modalities to get there.

Find what resonates most with you. Commit to those practices everyday. Start there. I also suggest calling on the divine realm for help here as you seek your inner healing. Allow the immense love of your spirit team (ie. angels, ancestors, spirit guides, ascended masters) to enter into your life. Let the Universe know you are ready to grow, to transform, to ascend. Right now on the planet, millions of souls are waking up to their divinity and are embarking on a spiritual journey or awakening.

If you feel called to begin your inner transformation or the awakening of your soul, this journey allows you to shed old patterns, belief systems, and ways of being that no longer serve your soul’s purpose. As you transform, they are released and replaced with healthier, balanced, more loving characteristics that are aligned with your soul’s core. The spiritual awakening and transformation is explained in depth in a previous post. Feel free to visit that post for a thorough discussion on the topic.

Stay committed to your spiritual journey and your soul’s elevation. This is what can bring you lasting, authentic change, through personal healing, change that starts from within. Take your life into your own hands, vow to continue to learn, grow – and expand. It is the fundamental reason for your soul’s return. It needed to go through painful experiences, so it could come through on the other side. It wanted to experience the hate, in order for you to consciously embrace love. This is how the soul grows, it is how you elevate in this lifetime. It is a road that ultimately leads you to love.

Love is why we are here.

And from our own choice to heal, the planet can then heal. If each of us takes responsibility for mending our afflictions, our troubles and our inner turmoil, the planet will return to balance. Take control over your own life and how it impacts those around you. When we feel at peace on the inside, our planet is at peaceful rest, harmonized by our own tranquil nature. This is our true nature. We were created to be at peace, with each other and with the planet. We were not created to rape, to lie, to steal and to cheat. We were meant to love, to share, to connect – and to live as one with all of creation.

Let us have the courage to go in search of that healing. It takes strength, determination, a willingness to face darkness, so that the light that you are, can rise up. Your soul is made of pure, white light. And when you allow everything, that obscures the brilliance that you already are, to fall away, you are renewed, made whole again – and you then align with the energies of our abundant Universe. Authentic healing awaits you. In healing yourself, you can fully love those closest to you – and they too can heal.

And with your return to wholeness, the planet is restored.

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