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Very often in life, it is our own suffering that brings with it, radical change, an inner transformation that leads to the soul’s rebirth. Whether it stems from chaos, crisis, trauma, or abuse, the inner resolve of a soul is tested on its life’s journey.

The primary objective of the incarnated soul, onto the planet, is to experience a major life challenge, to provide the soul the opportunity to expand. It is then a choice whether to view this struggle as a misfortune or a chance to grow in wisdom, autonomy, personal power, self-reliance, trusting that you are always loved, supported – and guided by the Divine realm.

The goddess has come to understand that she is limitless, so too is the potential that lays within her.

Although she falls along the way, she rises once again, growing in steely strength, embracing self-compassion, accepting that the road was not meant to be smooth.

With every stumbling block, each disappointment, is met with an inner knowing that she was equipped for this journey, long before she took her first breath.

Each day, like the sun and just as the moon, she rises with hope, as all of nature, she now knows by virtue of her divinity, she is priceless, timeless, her destiny was written in the stars.

She has discovered her own truths, remaining loyal to her personal beliefs, speaking her mind, with grace, dignity – and integrity.

She is determined to elevate, to resurrect, a sacred vessel is she, created to shine, designed to prosper, she ascends above all that was assumed to have the power to consume her.

Her belief, her conviction in her soul mission growing, solidifying in each divine moment. Understanding she did have a purpose, she always did, and that nothing comes too soon, all unfolds in divine time. Everything happens to elevate the soul of the goddess, she must however, trust in the process. And with time, she surrenders to the Flow of Life.

The goddess is grateful for all she has in her life, just as it is. Gratitude, next to love is one of the highest energies that exists. She understands that for the new to enter, certain people, things, situations, must first leave. As one door closes, she watches as the Divine opens up all other doors of opportunity, for her to live a life of purpose, love, joy, success, happiness, it is the life she deserves.

As time passes, the goddess’s connection to the Divine, grows. She finds Oneness with Source in nature, as it is revealed to her, the love of Source (God, Spirit, the Universe) is found in all. Her spirit team, beings of light and love in the spirit realm, departed loved ones and ancestors, never left her side, protecting her, encouraging her, helping her heal her broken heart, preparing her for the true love that was on its way into her life.

The goddess refuses to give up on love. After all, it is the highest vibrational energy there is. And love, true love, love that is patient, kind, giving without expectation, this is what gives life meaning.

Her spirit team is who she turns to for solace, for greater understanding, inner peace, and the best way forward. Come what may, the goddess steps into the darkness, knowing the light will soon appear before her. The way ahead will be made known in perfect divine timing.

A goddess knows what deep sadness feels like, she came face to face with rage, recognizing for the first time, the intensity, and the force of the well of emotions that lives inside her. She too understands on a personal, visceral level, what it feels like for a heart to break.

She stayed there for quite some time, in a space that felt foreign, surreal, unyielding, quietly wishing it all away as her head met the pillow on her bed at night, hoping it would all be a horrible dream, when she woke to meet a new day.

The inner unrest, the lack of peace, the emptiness, feeling lost, alone, and fearful of what lay ahead, as she was forced to exist without the dream that not so long ago, made her feel whole, secure, complete.

On her path, she learned the most fundamental life lesson her soul needed to discover in this lifetime. Ever so slowly, with each trial, each pitfall, she grew more solidified in her understanding that her divinity, her wholeness, her security had to come from within. She already was a whole – and complete being.

And as she took two steps forward and two steps back on her journey of healing, as she licked her wounds, devoted her time and energy to loving herself, accepting who she is, in all her imperfections, as she stayed committed to healing her mind, body, and spirit, she ever so slowly grew in strength.

Each day she woke, she felt stronger, more comfortable in her own skin, deeper in love with who she was and was on her way to becoming. She felt it, deep within her bones, everything happened for her, to allow her soul to grow, all of it, culminated in this opportunity, a blessing disguised as a curse, a path that would lead her in the direction she knew was her destiny.

The goddess does not have all the pieces of the puzzle together, neatly in her mind, as she usually would like, but knew she did not need to, she let go of control, she was in the flow of life, allowing her dharma, the unfolding of her life to manifest, to reveal itself, all in divine right time – and order.

She learned that it was in pushing, trying to control the outcome, believing she could take life itself, by the reins, that she faced push back from the Universe.

Once again, the Universe was showing her, her dreams will manifest into her reality with patience, faith – and allowing the Divine to place all the contents of her destined life together for her, in perfect timing, in divine order.

Finally the day comes, the goddess wakes up one day, renewed, with greater clarity, awareness, insight, she is ready to let go, to surrender, to free fall into the life she has been co-creating with the Creator.

By letting go of the past, making space for the new to enter into her reality, the goddess is then working in alignment with Universal Energies. As a result, her vibrational frequency increases, allowing her to powerfully manifest her dreams, her aspirations, her untold longings into her life.

She is fully tapped into her soul, her intuition, her internal navigation system, it told her everything will work out, it will all happen as it should, but releasing control of the end result was crucial.

By letting go of expectations, beliefs, of the need to have it all figured out before stepping into the unknown, her heart’s desires were manifesting, from the spiritual plane onto the physical realm.

She is aligning fully with Divine Energies. The goddess knows she can now bring her innermost dreams into existence on the physical plane, with the strong, unwavering support of the spirit realm.

She was guided to go within, to connect to the light of her soul, this is where her inward, healing journey began, through her commitment to meditation.

In connecting to her soul, her divinity was revealed. She discovered she needed to find herself, to love herself first and foremost, that no one could complete her, this is why the heartbreak happened, it was the Universe’s opportunity being given to her, for her to understand she already was whole, she simply needed to rediscover that basic truth.

Whenever she felt herself slipping into the all too familiar pattern of needing to be at the helm, once again she went within, enjoying the stillness inside of her being, and finding the inner peace that had always been there, she stepped aside, letting go one more time, allowing the Divine, Source, God, the Creator, the Universe, to do its part.

It was yet another revealing moment that she was co-creating with the Universe. In manifesting her heart’s desires, she was required to assist in creating her life – and then allow Universal Energies to place the right people, the conditions, and timing to bring her dreams into existence.

On the pathway to her inner transformation, the goddess takes advantage of and is grateful for the elements Mother Nature, Gaia, goddess of the Earth, has gifted her children.

Her healing is found at the water, as the soothing ebb and flow of the ocean, washes away her worries, purifies her soul, uplifts her spirit, she finds her center, she feels at one with the Divine, right where she is, one with all that is.

Amongst the trees, whether at the park or hiking the trails of a steep mountain, there is great healing to be found there for her.

This is how the goddess finds her center once again, through nature’s elements, she is given another opportunity to open her heart to giving – and receiving love.

Healing stones or crystals, representing the element earth, play a large role in the goddess’s resurrection. Rose quartz, for the heart chakra or citrine to fully embrace life (joie d’ vivre). Tourmaline or hematite for grounding, amethyst to maintain a calm, clear, peaceful mind – and spirit.

She is in communion with her body, her spirit, her soul. Being surrounded, enveloped, sheltered by the immense trees, shrubs and greenery, in every direction, gives healing to her heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the energy center that often ‘bares the brunt’ of the loss she faces, green being a color of powerful healing energy, needed for her to regain her strength, to return to energetic balance.

It is on this path that she must return to who she is, a whole and complete being, making it alone, succeeding on her own accord, providing for her children, ensuring their wellbeing and livelihood, with her own two hands.

This is your life, goddess. Life is a gift, as are you. Speak your truth, stand in your power – and own it. Let no one limit you, belittle you, create insecurities within you. That is not your true self. Walk away from that, with your head held high – and never look back.

You need only yourself to propel you forward. And as you go after your dreams, remember that you do have what it takes, rely on your own inner strength, your resilience, refuse to give in, never take no for an answer. As you regain your love of self and your self-worth, you are fueled by ambition, a dream you alone can relate to, you are a soul on fire.

A goddess understands she must not fear grief, giving herself all the time she needs to heal, knowing grief has no time limit. She allows the pain, the sadness, the fear to flow through her body, acknowledging the presence of each emotion, and without judgment, she sends this energy out into the Universe, giving it to her angels for healing and transmutation.

The goddess knows that when we repress grief, it lingers, affecting us on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. When we keep negative energies bottled up inside of our energetic bodies, we can unknowingly create an imbalance in our chakras. This can then lead to physical or mental health problems.

If there is anger, resentment, or despair, it is vital that you take time to expel these energies in a constructive way.

Use the pillow on your bed as your punching bag. And as you do, use your words, to express yourself. Say what needs to be said, this is the time to rid of this heavy energy that is weighing you down.

You might also want to go kickboxing, to balance your mind, body and spirit. Again, as you kick and punch the punching bag, let your ex – know how they hurt you, when they were emotionally unavailable, physically/mentally abusive, unfaithful during the relationship. Get it all out. This act is cathartic, now is the time to heal all that is in need of healing.

Do your part, put in the work to bring your dreams from the realm of Spirt to the physical world, let go of assumptions, beliefs you have about how it will all manifest, release the need to micro manage the sequence of your life events – and the final outcome.

Trust that you are on the right path, the one that leads to your dharma. As you lean further into the Divine plan for your life, as your trust in the process grows, you will know with certainty, feel it in your being, your soul will confirm it, everything happened for you, to embrace the goddess within you.

You will continue to receive guidance, there are signs everywhere, stay alert, grow in awareness of the infinite love that surrounds you. The messages from the spirit ream will always lead you in the direction that is aligned with the voice of your soul.

You see, your destiny is already written in the stars. Before your incarnation, from a bright spark of light, into your present physical form, you knew who you were, a divine being, a goddess.

But your soul arrived, losing sight of your true identity on the journey in your physical body.

The essence of your nature, was shrouded in the social conditioning, your experiences, messages you received, and those you told yourself, limiting your vastness, your potential to overcome all challenges, the illusions of suffering.

This was the purpose of your return as a soul, to shed the limitations that have become your perceived identity, this is part and parcel of the human condition. It is why we have all returned to the planet, to rid of these false beliefs, assuming we are confined to our human bodies, our struggles, disappointments, our sorrows.

There might be times when you lose yourself in your anguish, the distress that causes you to believe it is all too much to endure, but that too is your humanness, intruding on the sensibility of your soul. Believe you can and you will. Just keep moving forward.

Always remember, there is nothing you cannot handle, as a soul, you are infinite, with limitless promise. You were created to overcome all.

After loss, grief, heartbreak, the end of a relationship or other major life crisis, it is often challenging on a mental, emotional and spiritual level to connect with the goddess that resides inside of you.

She has always been there, you simply have lost sight of her, who you are, your true worth, your divine identity, the well of power accessible to you at any given moment.

The time has come to find her.

For inspiration, it might be helpful to return to the practices of Ancient worlds, where worship of deities (gods and goddesses) or polytheism was part of everyday life. When Ancient Egyptians needed mental, emotional, physical or spiritual help, they relied on specific deities to alleviate their worries or concerns.

By practicing ritual, they summoned the goddess/god that could help them overcome whatever challenge they were facing at the time.

In Celtic Irish tradition, the Goddess Brigid is known as the triple goddess (representing the maiden, mother, and crone). Her symbol is fire, her name itself translates into “bright arrow” or “bright one.”

When we are looking at transformation, birthing a new life, a renewed sense of self, leaving the old in the past, where it belongs, Brigid is the goddess to turn to, to inspire you to transform within.

After separation, divorce, or the end of a relationship, calling on Brigid is most powerful during the season of Imbolc. Imbolc (Groundhog day) is celebrated on or around February 2nd of every year.

It represents a change in season, a time to allow the old to fall away, making space for the new, for clarity, vision, a renewed sense of soul purpose, an opportunity to start fresh.

If you feel called to do so, summon Brigid, engage in ritual that calls for her transformative powers, when you are at a point on your journey, where you are ready to ‘let go’ of what was.

You have gone within, are on the healing path, prepared to welcome change, no longer needing to revisit the past, rather you crave a life of promise, one that supports the divine version of you.

When the season is ripe for change, goddess Brigid helps invite the new into your life.

Through this meaningful Imbolc ritual, you signify to the Universe, your willingness to embrace change.


Whenever you are feeling threatened, disempowered, in need of healing, you can invoke goddess Brigid. Sometimes when we experience trauma in our lives, we might operate from a space of fear, making it difficult to tap into our intuition, the deep wisdom that lives inside you. Although you can perform a ritual to Brigid at any time, it is most appropriate around the time of Imbolc, as this is the day for inner transformation.

You might feel called to create an altar to Brigid. Symbols that represent Brigid are fire, water, and the arrow. For fire, you might want to use your favorite incense or a simple white candle. A small bowl of water can be placed on your altar to represent the element of water. Purchase of an arrow made of wood or metal could be used or you can use your creative skills to create your own through fabric or other materials. Place these items on your altar. Light your incense or your candle (or both).

Changing your hair color or dressing up (in new clothes) for your ritual might be helpful, as it symbolizes your desire for true change, bringing greater meaning and added fuel to your intention, for powerful, healing transformation.


Coins, water – and

Invocation to Brigid



Every day, every night

that I praise the goddess,

I know I will be safe:

I shall not be chased,

I shall not be caught,

I shall not be harmed.

Fire, sun and moon

cannot burn me. Not

Lake nor stream nor sea

can drown me. Fairy

arrow cannot pierce me.

I am safe, safe, safe,

singing Her praises.


Brigid, gold-red woman,

Brigid, flame and honeycomb,

Brigid, sun of womanhood,

Brigid, lead me home.

You are a branch in blossom.

You are a sheltering dome.

You are my bright precious freedom.

Brigid, lead me home.


Recite the invocation to Brigid.

Hold a handful of coins (change) in your hand, sprinkle them with water. Pray for the change you want to see in your life. Change does not come without a price, so you are agreeing to give the coins away – to children, to those in need, but you will not spend it.

This ritual can also be done using an item (i.e.. furniture, house item no loner needed) that you might have been clinging to. Letting go of these items, frees you up to receive new love, life purpose/career, a fresh start, bringing in a much needed shift in energy.

As you give away the coins or the item chosen for this ritual, that are now charged with Brigid’s powerful energy, picture yourself free, liberated, happy, prosperous, carefree – and in love with your life.

End your ritual by reciting the above invocation again. Blow out your candle.


You might also choose to perform a planting ritual in the daytime and a fire ritual at night. The choice is yours, get creative and do what most resonates with you.

Items For Your (AM) Planting Ritual: potter’s mix, a pot(s) for planting, pumpkin seeds, a watering pail/container. Follow the instructions on the seed packet. Water your plant(s) as needed, this is also a powerful way to stay connected to Goddess Mother Earth, Mother Gaia.

Pumpkin seeds symbolize self-empowerment, discernment, and the conviction that your soul was created for a higher purpose. By doing this practice, you are sowing the seeds of this truth – and through ritual, you embrace the role you play in effecting change in your life, the life of your loved ones – and that of the planet.

Items For Your (PM) Fire Ritual: sage, a small white candle, a lighter to light the candle, a cauldron or bowl (fire proof),

Sage the area first before beginning your ritual. You want positive energy behind your intentions, clearing your home or space is important. As you sage, repeat this intention (or create your own): “All negative energy is transmuted into positive energy.” Go through each room in your apartment, house or space, opening windows to allow any old, stagnated energy to leave. You are clearing your space in preparation for the new, positive uplifting energy to come in.

Intention and focus are most important in ritual. For this reason, make sure you will not be disturbed, turn off the lights, create the mood for this sacred event.

Light your candle. On a piece of paper, write down all in your life that you are ready to release. The old no longer serves you, this is your opportunity to let it go, for good.

Getting You Started: Your Intention letter:

This is an example of a letter of intention. You can choose to use this for your ritual or create your own –

I am ready to let go of the old and invite in the new. I honor the past, and look forward to a bright, prosperous future. I release all negative emotions that block me from prosperity and abundance in all its forms. I let go of all habits, patterns, limiting beliefs, people, situations, or things that no longer serve my greatest good. I no longer need to revisit the past. The past no longer exists. I let go of the old me, I am ready to embrace the new me.

Get creative with your intention letter. You can also get dressed up, to symbolically represent your commitment to the change you seek. Wearing the color white is something I personally do, especially during my rituals, as it is a color that powerfully raises your energetic vibration.


Find a comfortable place to sit, such as your living room sofa, a floor rug or meditation pillow. Have a table in front of you to rest your cauldron, candle, lighter, etc.

Call on Source, your angels, your spirit team, beings of light and love, to help you release everything in your life you no longer want to be attached to, anything standing in your way of living to your fullest potential, all that holds you back from living a joyful, expansive life.

Read your letter out loud with purpose, with intent.

Light the edge of your intention letter, place it in your cauldron, allowing it to burn down. You can choose to close with a silent prayer or simply remain seated with your eyes closed.

You deserve only good in this life, let all the old leave you now…

These added rituals can be used throughout the year, whenever you feel called to release, to let go, to free yourself from anything, anyone or situations that no longer serve your highest good.

May your transformation bring you joy, may it bring you peace, love, the freedom to be you, strong, courageous, clear in your vision – and your path of purpose.

There is a future of abundance waiting for you, goddess. Be fierce, be brave, know your worth, go after all that you deserve.

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