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As you were growing up, you very likely heard words of caution when it comes to life, how you live it, and the pitfalls you can run into along the way. For many of us, idioms such as “look before you leap,” “beware,” “think before you act,” tread carefully,” “be on your guard,” and more are the messages we received as we grew from childhood into our adult years.

These words might have come from your parents, and although well-intended, could at the same time bring you to a space of fear, paralyzing you, keeping you stuck, in limbo, feeling alone, unsafe, unsupported, and aimless along your life path.

Aside from the childhood conditioning to fear change, the new, the unknown, you have probably seen your parents and members of your family, deploy a number of unhealthy coping strategies they used to navigate life such as: control, lack of acceptance, faultfinding, apathy, anger, violence, blaming, guilting, or shaming.

All of these strategies have one thing in common, they all are borne out of the selfish, self-gratifying, ego-centric aspect of the self, the ego.

Western philosophy tells us that the ego is a necessary aspect of the self, it helps us to love ourselves, keeping us rooted in who we are as individuals. This is true to a certain extent, but the Eastern school of thought says the westernized view of ‘the ego’ is otherwise known as self-esteem, which is what is needed to have a healthy dose of self-love, self-respect – and self-appreciation.

The Eastern framework looks at the ego as the part of an individual that limits you, holds you back, causes you to doubt who you are, what you are capable of – and doubt you are being led, carried, protected. They believe the ego keeps you lodged in fear.

When you are at a crossroads, at a point in your life where you are being asked by the Universe to make a decision, about a relationship, career, life purpose, new home, to start a family, or to decide to begin again after heartbreak, your ego can at times bring back the old conditioning of the past, inviting fear into the subconscious and conscious mind.

It can affect the relationship you have with yourself, those around you – and those you love.

The ego is an aspect of the self that must be silenced, so that your soul can lead the way. The soul is peace, it is gentle, harmonious, compassionate, and loving.

Your soul was given a blueprint, the instructions you needed to move forward in life, with courage, strength, and faith that you are not alone. You simply need help in remembering what your soul already knows, that you have all you need on your trail, it is a path paved just for you.

And when you are in fear about your life, your future, or losing control, your ego is at the wheel. By remaining in this space of fear, allowing your ego to lead the way, you disconnect from the spirit world, making it harder to hear the brave, bold voice of your soul.

Your soul is what connects you to the spiritual dimension, this is where you receive your guidance, your support, all the information you need to put one foot in front of the other. You are all you need on your journey, have no fear.

When your ego takes charge, you believe you are in the right, have difficulty with compromise, or find it hard to move past disagreements with others. Your way is the right way, your voice must be heard above the other, their way is seen as ‘less than.’

Judging yourself, others, their decisions, their way of life, their standards, this is the will of the ego. Your soul arrived here, took physical form, to conquer its humanness, its ego, the carrier of doubt. You are here to align with your true self, your soul. The natural beauty of the soul is compassion, acceptance, peace, joy, understanding, free of judgment.

The ego casts doubt, makes you look at life, situations, people, circumstances, all through the lens of fear. This is not what was intended. Your job is to overcome that doubt, the fear of what you do not see in front of you, to move forward with your dreams firmly gripped in your two hands, not clearly knowing how it will all manifest.

Understand your every hope, dream, deepest desire, is heard – and will come to you on angel’s wings. Your faith, your belief, your strength of heart is what will get you through to the other side.

I know there are times when you feel so alone, afraid, unclear, unsupported, and doubtful of the significance of your presence.

I too have been there, facing the unknown, in a great space of fear. Close to four years ago, my father was diagnosed and hospitalized with fourth stage cancer.

As his soul said farewell, my seventeen year marriage was coming to an end. Added to this, I was at my father’s hospital bedside one early morning when a traumatic incident, involving my father, took place, leaving me with symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

I was steeped in fear for over three years. From the moment I got out of bed to the hour I lay down to sleep, I felt lost, alone, fearing I had made a mistake in leaving an unhappy marriage, uncertain about what lay before me.

But, none of this is truth. You are never alone. Do not lose hope, do not hesitate. Look to the sky above you, it will lead you home, to your soul, this is where you will find all the answers you need.

You are loved, supported, guided, protected and carried, always, by a Universe that is here to help you achieve your grandest dreams, your soul mission, your destiny. The fault of the ego is to inject fear, do not fall prey to the illusion it brings.

The spirit world, the Universe, is made up of your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, departed loved ones, and ancestors. This is your spirit team. The Creator gave you free will. Your spirit team will not intervene unless you give them permission. Call on the spirit realm, your team of guides, ask them to help you in any way you need.

Just be prepared for signs, messages, and synchronistic events to make their way into your life. You were never meant to travel this road alone. You were led here, to this blog, to remember this.

As a spirit being, made of energy, your thoughts, actions and words are felt and heard through energy frequencies. All is made of energy, including your angels, guides – and ascended masters. Their objective is to help you find joy, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Whatever you have been through, the abuse, the trauma, the pain, it was your chosen path, in soul form, for the purpose of soul expansion. This is part of your story, your destiny.

Because your soul is connected to the spirit world, it will remind you of who you are, your magnitude, power, resilience, the treasure that lies inside you. You are a gift to this world, never lose sight of this. You are here for a greater purpose, everything happens for your highest good.

Your life story makes you who you are. Everything you have experienced in your life is what your soul asked for, for soul growth, for your soul to expand. Sometimes we get stuck in the past, the fear grows, paralysis sets in and we stop moving forward, we stop growing. This goes against your spirit, your makeup, the fabric of your soul.

The soul was created strong, bold, determined, courageous, and vast. This is your true essence. Your soul is divine, you are divine. You have returned to remember your divinity. By silencing your ego, overcoming it, you access your higher self, you unite with the truth of your being here.

You are more powerful than you realize. Step into that power, you can stand on your own, you can make your way in this world. By silencing your ego, you understand your strength to stand alone, you know the true fiber of your being.

Become the master of your mind, bring stillness to your thoughts so you can take charge of your life, your path ahead, your future. Meditation clears out your conscious mind, so that the subconscious mind does not get flooded with added ideas, beliefs, or experiences that do not serve you. A saturated subconscious mind creates more uncertainty, agitation, discord, and fear.

When you make meditation a regular part of your routine, it helps to still the ego, tapping you into the clear, soothing, grounded voice of your soul.

As you meditate, your intuition grows, it is your inner navigation system. You can then better understand yourself, others, the world around you – and what you want in this life by making meditation a regular practice.

Diving deeper into your soul, you trust yourself, the guidance you receive – and the path ahead. The more you meditate, the better you connect with the spirit realm, the Universe, to all that surrounds you, to all that supports your soul’s quest.

The soul came here, to the planet to achieve great things. The self-limiting beliefs, social conditioning, and barriers you erect, holds your soul back from aligning with the prosperity waiting to enter into your reality. You manifest what is yours when you quiet the ego, when you let go, surrender to the unknown, the new, to the forces that be.

The Universe is ready to give you the new start, love, career, the peace, joy and happiness that is your birthright. But, you must first achieve balance, peace, harmony within, this raises your vibration.

Getting into vibrational alignment with the spirit realm, by eliminating fear, helps you to powerfully manifest the gifts that belong to your soul. By choosing to align with your soul, the circumstances, people, and situations that lead you on your divine path, come to you, attracting what is yours.

Aligning with your soul is a choice. By choosing to quiet your ego, you move forward, draw your dreams to you, manifest a reality in harmony with the divinity of your soul.

By silencing the ego, you let go, trust the process, have a greater awareness of the true meaning of life – and why you decided to return.

In letting go, your vibration increases, aligning you with the Universe, attracting the events, situations, and connections on your path, that serve your highest good.

Quiet the ego, find your soul, know you are being led, and trust that you are exactly where you were are supposed to be.

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