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I believe life is what you make of it. I also believe that you are the masterful creator of your destiny, co-creating with all of the Universe, that conspires to help you manifest the prosperity that is your divine inheritance. Your soul’s triumph is written in the stars.

But, the divine spark within you is ignited when you commit to healing, to letting go of all that binds you, and when you choose to embrace the light. The essence of the soul is pure, white light, and its nature is love. This light within your soul, connects you to the Divine, the Creator, to Spirit before you were conceived.

And your happiness, your sense of fulfillment in your own unique creation, hinges on the choices you make on your life’s journey. You are always faced with choices.

You can choose to exit a relationship that you know is not the one for you. You realize it is a toxic, abusive, unstable, unhappy relationship, and it is time to make yourself a priority. It is now time to walk your own path.. or you can stay. It is a choice.

It is a choice to adopt a healthier dietary lifestyle, one that will help you feel well, be well, to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually or you might prefer to keep with the same eating habits you have had since your college days. The choice is always yours to make.

Deciding to surround yourself with people, connections, that serve your highest good, those on the path to higher awareness, spiritually strong, aiming to live each moment in a space of greater consciousness. You could make this a priority in your life.

Instead, your preference could be to keep your circle wider, allowing you the freedom to just be, no restrictions, no conditions, no boundaries, without limits. It is entirely up to you.

Millions of souls are answering the call on the planet, at this very moment. It is the dawning of a new day, an invitation to wake up, to rise up, to step into their divine role as a lightworker.

As a ‘worker of light,’ you are choosing to respond to the calling of your soul, to embrace the light, to be a beacon of light, to walk a spiritually enlightened path.

You soul was given precise instructions on what it was here to achieve, it was pre-programmed, implanted within your being before you arrived on the planet.

Whatever you decide to go after, to become, to make your mission, this comes from deep inside you – and it is a choice to embrace your dharma. Your free will was given to you by the Creator. And you are always being guided by the spirit realm. Never doubt your presence here, your gifts were given to you, to make a real difference in this world.

Your spirit team (spirit guides, angels, ascended masters) is always there, beside you, giving you the support you need for your journey – and will only intervene if you ask for their help, because of free will.

If you are not sure what your life’s purpose or your calling is, it is alright.

Go inside, go within, get to know your soul on a deeper level. Meditation brings you into alignment with your soul, your intuition, your higher self, it strengthens your connection to the spirit world.

It has been almost four years now since I chose to leave a long-term marriage that was no longer serving my highest good. As I look back on the space I was in at the time of separation, I realize I was no longer growing in any aspect of my life necessary for soul fulfillment and expansion (mentally, emotionally or spiritually).

In hindsight, my soul understood the time had come to make my own way, to take a maiden voyage, a journey unique to who I am as a soul being.

My soul yearned for purpose, for direction, for meaning. It was after leaving the marriage, that I was led on a spiritual journey. I underwent a spiritual awakening, it woke me up to the realization that we are all surrounded, in each waking moment by higher vibrational light beings (angels, sprit guides, ascended masters) who work for the will of the Creator.

Your loved ones on the other side, your ancestral family members, are in the spiritual dimension watching as your soul progresses, moves forward, as it soars, fulfilling your mission in this lifetime. There is no separation between earth and sky, they are always with you.

It is a choice to take up the torch, to come face to face with your destiny, to ascend. It always is a choice you have, just as choices are given to you when you are out of your physical body, as a soul in transition.

In the spirit realm, in soul form, you go through what is similar to classes in a University, receiving training, the information you will need for soul transformation, as you come into your human body. When you arrive, the choices are yours to make, to increase, to elevate, to transcend your ego or to remain as you are. You are never judged in the choices you make.

But to receive the prosperity and abundance the Universe wants to give you, you must energetically align with them by choosing higher vibrational behaviors, thoughts, and language. This is what it means to choose the Light.

When we experience pain in our lives, we could get stuck there and have difficulty moving forward. We might find it hard to forgive, to accept, to let go of all that has been. We could also make decisions that serve only the self, rather than for the greatest good of all. Again, this is the ego working to satisfy its own needs.

I understand your pain, I too know what it is to feel your heart break. I cycled through the intense anger, the rage, the depths of despair. I acknowledge you, your story, and your suffering. But remember, your soul signed up to experience these painful situations, people, and circumstances that gave your soul the growth it needed. It is through the pain that lessons are learned.

In dealing with problems or difficulties, we tend to embrace mental rigidity. We could focus on being right, not getting stepped on, or losing control. This too is the ego, attempting to take the lead, making you closed to learning the new – and a flexible mind. Having a flexible mind is the path to wisdom and inner peace.

Meditation gives you many gifts, including a mind that is open to change, because life is constantly changing and to be adequately prepared for the new, you must have a solid, steady mind. With a stable, peaceful point of awareness, you make choices that serve your highest and greatest good.

The practice of meditation does not get rid of your human challenges, instead it allows you to have more clarity – and to learn something of value from your life events. It helps you create more room, space in your mind, so that you are not overwhelmed by life.

With consistency, you will come to a place where you will honor your past – and look at your experience with greater compassion, and a higher awareness.

With time, healing, and in honoring the experience, you are able to forgive, to accept, to have compassion, with an inner knowing that it all happened for the highest good of your soul.

You transcend your ego by viewing your struggle, your challenge, your trauma from a higher perspective. You can go toward the Light, but first, you must heal.

On your healing journey, you might think thoughts that do not serve you. Remember, you are not your thoughts, allow them to pass you by like clouds in the sky.

When you identify with your thoughts, you lose your sense of self. Do not get attached to your thoughts. If thoughts arise during the day that cause anxiety, distress, and fear, simply note the thoughts, recognize it as just a thought (i.e.. say to yourself, ‘ok that is a thought’) – and let it go.

By getting caught up in one negative thought after another, you are energetically letting the Universe know that you would like another dose of whatever negative thought is on constant replay in your mind.

This is otherwise known as ‘monkey mind,’ where your mind is going from one thought to the next. Commit to controlling your mind, not allowing your mind to control you.

Life gives us opportunities for us to identify what it is that shakes our stability of awareness. Bringing these difficult life events onto your path gives you an opportunity to learn – and transform the mind.

Energy goes where energy flows, so by letting go of the negative thought, you do not give it power. You have power over your mind, not events outside of you. When you realize this, you find strength, you gain peace.

Your life journey comes with obstacles, desperation, and sorrow, solely for the purpose of soul growth. Those challenges were yours to choose, while in your soul body.

The soul wants to experience the pain, found in the human experience, to expand, to elevate, to align with the Light of Source, the Creator, God, Spirit.

Each lifetime your soul returns, it is with the intent to further align with the Light. The light of your soul connects you energetically to God, the Universe, and the entire planet.

Your vision, your understanding of the vastness that surrounds and the relevance of your every word, thought or action, gets magnified when you choose a spiritual path, when you decide to access the light within.

You awaken to the concept of energy, your energy, the energy of those closest to you, the energy of the planet. And understand the impact of your choice to transform, to increase, to grow in conscious awareness of all that you think, say, and do.

By choosing light over darkness, you choose higher vibrational words, thoughts, and behaviors. You embrace kindness, trust, compassion, peace, gratitude, love.

You are choosing to resonate with the seat of your soul, your heart. It is through the heart, you align with the Light.

This is why the heart chakra needs healing after heartbreak, abuse, deep sadness or pain. The energy in in this ‘energy center’ might get stuck or unbalanced after a life crisis, preventing the heart chakra from functioning as it was created to.

Many souls continue living lives in anger, regret, misery, refusing to let the past go. It is always a choice to surrender. Your soul is here to transcend the darkness, to embrace the Light.

In darkness, there is jealousy, hate, blame, lack of acceptance, lack of forgiveness, and greed. These are all fear-based, lower vibrational ways of being that do not serve your greatest good – and do not elevate your consciousness.

You are always provided choices, at each given moment. The Universe sends you opportunities, in the form of events, situations, and people entering your life, to choose love over fear.

Choose to heal, choose to let go, and surrender to the unfolding of your soul’s trajectory. Seize this moment being given to you by the Universe to grow, to elevate, and to radically transform from within. It is a choice, your choice, the Light is bright just where you stand.

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