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I believe that coincidences do not exist and that everything is organized to perfection through a Divine plan, in Divine timing. Every person, situation, challenge, or event in your life has been planned before you arrived and it all happens for a higher purpose, for the greatest good of all.

I am writing this blog on the nineteenth anniversary of September 11th. Each year that passes, this day is remembered with a heavy heart. On this day, there was a terrorist attack on the United States – specifically the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the US Capitol. Although the purpose of this blog is not to revisit this horrific attack on humanity, it does however serve as a prime example of the level of fear that continues to infiltrate our planet, at this very moment. And I believe that this level of fear clearly demonstrates humanity’s need for deep healing, at the soul level.

Think for a moment about race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. These terms are all social constructs. In other words, they are concepts humankind developed in order to describe the differences that each soul was given at its inception. They came into being to give meaning to the superficial variations that are seen from person to person, from one culture to another, or between religions. These constructs fundamentally give humans the feeling of safety, security, and connectedness to those who share similar traits, cultural practices – and ways of being. But, at the core, you are a soul.

I believe that before you incarnate, your soul along with the Creator, decide the gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality you will embody. And, you choose your sexuality, gender, race, religion and other identifying traits, based on your life purpose. You may decide to return to the planet as a heterosexual female in this present lifetime in order to work on specific lessons, overcoming challenges that require you to be in a female body, with this particular sexuality.

Or you may be a gay male who has decided to incarnate at this time to help create change for the LGBTQ+ community, essentially helping the planet to embrace our differences. It is through compassion, acceptance, and a deeper understanding for those who are different to us, that we fully embrace the true meaning of life. We are all here to love and be loved. This is why we are here.

Humanity continues to incarnate over and over with the ultimate goal of moving closer to love, with each incarnation. Acts of hate that come about because of external differences, show us what is yet to be healed on the planet. All that needs healing must surface through these acts of fear. At this time on the planet, many souls are awakening to the realization of the truth. And the truth is that even these acts of hate, happen for a higher purpose. The truth is that every soul is Divine.

Although you may find the thought difficult to conceive, even terrorists, are considered Divine beings. Extremist beliefs led them to engage in acts of fear. Their fear-based deeds do cause much suffering for family members, who mourn the lives of loved ones, gone too soon. However, their actions are founded on fear and demonstrate there is much work to be done. It is important to understand that if humankind does not experience fear, it is impossible to fully embrace love.

How can you have compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness for another unless pain touches your life on a visceral level? It is vital to experience fear-based emotions (i.e.. anger, hate, discrimination, etc.) as it arises for you to heal these negative energies. Although this is part of the human experience, the Divine plan is organized to allow for healing, moving you closer to love. Healing is a choice. When one chooses to embrace darkness or fear, their words, thoughts, and actions negatively impact us all – and the planet.

By choosing love, however, you align with the greater plan, the Divine plan. It is difficult to fathom that souls return to carry out, what we as a people view as immoral or unconscionable acts of hate, for a higher purpose. Yet, it is done to raise the awareness or increase the consciousness of humanity. It sheds light on what this planet needs to overcome, so that love can take its place.

Before you arrived onto the planet and were in your soul body, you understood that trials, challenges, and suffering were needed to learn transformational lessons. You knew that it was necessary for you to be in human form so that you could experience the peaks and the valleys of life. By withstanding and overcoming the pain you encounter on your journey, you can then hold a greater appreciation for the joy and happiness that life brings with it. It is in experiencing the natural human condition of fear (i.e..anger, hate, frustration, jealousy, lack of forgiveness/acceptance) that you are able to overcome it, transmute the energy – and move closer to love.

It is no easy feat to look at a racist, terrorist, sexual predator, or a physical/mental/emotional abuser through a lens of love. But when you understand the greater plan and view all fear-based acts from this higher perspective, it brings you clarity, a deeper understanding, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness – and healing. It is in looking at all of life with a lens of love that you are able to understand that our differences are here to unite us. When you heal, the planet heals.

When you choose to heal fear, which separates you from Source and from those who you see as different to you, it is a choice to align with the light that is your soul. Choosing to embrace love over fear, unifies the human race. Through your connection to the Divine, you are interconnected to all of humanity.

We really are one – united through the Divine. In looking at the marginalized groups of today with a lens of soul-deep oneness, (i.e.. those of color, LGBTQ+ community, women) supports the argument that all of humanity is created equal – and should be treated as such.

Yet, a difference in ethnic background, skin color, religious beliefs or sexual preferences has the opposite effect in current day society. These flawed ways of thinking and dysfunctional ways of being continue to hold humanity back as a people. It prevents humankind from living life with a heart wide open. The skewed nature of the human is to separate the self from the likeness of others who are different. By doing this, it gives the individual a false sense of being “better than,” “greater than,” or “more superior” to those of which they have chosen to separate themselves.

Loving without distinction, separation, or exception is what Source intended. You continue to incarnate in different forms (i.e.. color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation) with the purpose of understanding the experience of all of humankind in all of its beauty and splendor. It is only in physical form that you come to experience what it means to be human.

By embodying the full spectrum of humankind, the soul can then hold compassion for all others. In honoring the uniqueness of each soul that has come into being through the Creator, you are choosing to honor yourself. You are one with him – and she is one with them. You are divine, she is divine, and they are all divine. There is no difference, there is no separation. United through the Creative force, are we.

In love and light.

Sat Nam

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