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So much of life today revolves around the material world. The flashy sports car, the designer purse, the lavish escape to the Greek Isles, the latest gadget or last edition of whatever your heart might fancy.

Often, as spirit beings with an ego, the tendency is to get attached to things. Sometimes, we grow dependent on people, situations that make us comfortable, possibly leading us to be too much in our comfort zone. But this is not where you are supposed to be. Your soul is here to rise, to create, to live expansively, bringing all of your gifts to the fore, for self-actualization.

We might get stuck in a relationship, a marriage, one without deep meaningful love. I know, I have been there. An unbalanced union, giving more than you receive, and one that offers no more than the comforts of life, your material needs all met. The vacations, the cars, the luxury shoes and purses.

But after some time, the day eventually comes when you no longer feel at ease with objects, things that take the place of the one, true, tangible, meaningful reason for your existence, to give and receive love. When you begin to experience great inner unrest, and are unsure of its origin, this is often the signal that your soul is ready to awaken.

The fundamental purpose of the soul is to experience love, to connect on a deeper level with another soul being and to have that love reciprocated, without attachment, without the interference of “things.”

These things serve as distractions, keeping you in bondage, in fear, with the unnecessary, self-imposed compulsion to keep up with those around you.

We are social beings. And, naturally, there lies within that reality, the inclination to compare, to want more, believing that your success in life is equated to the finest, the latest, the most luxurious.

Social media is prime breeding ground for this materialistic, superficial mentality, one of “compare and contrast” – and is our present day way of “being” in this world.

Many times, the breakup, the loss of a loved one, the loss of security gained from a job, a relationship, or something outside of you, brings you to your knees. Know that this is an experience your soul asked for, needed for soul elevation, for your growth in this lifetime.

We stay where we should not be, longer than we should. We get deeper into a relationship that continues to show us the ‘red flags,’ that we know are signposts, warnings from the Universe to walk away, to make yourself a priority, to know your worth.

You see the signs, you believe the words over the actions, remaining in a relationship that has run well past its time.

But the shakeup, comes to wake you up! The sadness, the misery, accepting gifts in place of quality time, superficial interaction, rather than real connection, agape love. This is the true purpose of your soul. This is what it longs for, it is what you deserve.

Understand, sometimes things have to fall apart, to make space for the new, it is what the Universe wants to bring to you but you must take action, you must do your par. Close the doors that need closing, end relationships that have run their course, this then draws Universal blessings toward you.

Everything has a higher purpose, nothing happens by chance. When you begin to embrace this concept, things get easier, you no longer feel like you are swimming upstream. You are at ease, peaceful, in the flow of life.

Sometimes we fall in love with an illusion, believing we have something, we have grown to believe is for us. And we hold onto this dream, far past its expiration date.

We might have developed a skewed belief that there is no one else who can take this person’s place. Remember, seven and a half billion people walk the earth, the Universe wants to bring you the one meant for you.

I encourage you, challenge you, to look closely at what it is that you are attached to.

Is it founded on love? Do you feel appreciated? Is there a healthy, even exchange of energy? Do you feel you need this person in you life, or do you want them to be an important part of your life? The key difference is an insecure love attachment versus a more secure approach to love.

It takes time, self-love, strength and courage, to fully embrace a new reality. It is a period, where you come to terms, with having to get up from the table when love, real love, is no longer being served.

When you outstay your welcome, this is when negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and bitterness, begin to set in. And this emotional dissatisfaction or upheaval can be experienced by both in the relationship.

Disagreements increase, tempers flare, and the relationship is no longer a harmonious, loving, enjoyable or fulfilling partnership.

The Universe must then step in, it rattles the cage, ruffles some feathers, shakes things up, to move you forward.

By staying stagnant, accepting more than you should, in fearing change, the Universe must then create a major disturbance in your life to effect your complacency, bringing about change, for your soul’s growth.

Your entire world, as you knew it, crumbles down to the ground, before your eyes. But when the smoke clears, time passes, and you grow in strength and resilience, you come to a greater understanding that this all happened for you, you are always supported by Divine energies. You finally awake one day, to realize, it all happened for your greatest good.

In avoiding change, your soul does not grow. This is why you are a physical incarnate, for your soul’s expansion. Your soul returned to experience major trials, obstacles, pain, all for a higher purpose. Your soul expands when you face crisis.

But know that you were never meant to suffer. By holding on, getting attached, believing you need this relationship to be whole and complete, this is what leads to suffering. No one can complete you.

Being on your own, you then have the opportunity to fall in love with yourself, all over again. Your self-fulfillment, your happiness, must be found independent of anyone else.

By finding this happiness that resides inside of you, this then leads to a healthy, stable love relationship when you do come together in partnership with another. This is soul growth, this was why your soul asked for ‘the shake up,’ it is why you returned to the planet.

Life is a valuable commodity, it is yours to take, to make something of yourself. You are a limitless being, your power, your innate potential, to manifest the life of your dreams, is infinite.

Playing it small, remaining in the shadows, in your comfort zone, this is not who you are, it is not why you returned. You experienced this wake up call because the time has come to move forward, to empower yourself, to want better for yourself, from yourself – and to create a bright future for yourself – and your children.

Take this opportunity presented for your soul, by the Universe, to take your life in an new, exciting direction, a path that inspires, uplifts, and confirms your divine presence on this planet.

We all have talents, skills, divine gifts we have been given, that the soul is here to put to good use, for soul elevation – and betterment of the planet.

This ‘shake up’ is your salvation. Perception is everything in the course of your life’s events, know that as one door closes, many more will open before you, all in alignment with your soul’s mission.

The Universe will always support the soul’s journey to elevate. Never will you be left alone, above all, know this.

The soul is created strong, courageous, and it arrived with everything it needs for the journey ahead. You can make your own way, with the inner knowing that you are always being carried by the Divine realm.

People, situations, opportunities, signs and synchronicities will all manifest before you, once you align with your true self, the daring, the magnificence, the might of your soul.

Eastern philosophy teaches us that when we are attached to objects, people, or outcomes, there is suffering. There must be a level of detachment to avoid human suffering.

Remember, reality is always shifting, changing, bringing fresh ideas, situations, another opportunity for soul growth.

Live each moment with a degree of non-attachment, yet with the intention to stay fully engaged in the unfoldment of all of life.

And when change does arrive at your door, you will face it with poise, grace, and a higher understanding and acceptance, that what underscores the ever-changing reality of life, is change itself.

As your life begins to shift in a positive direction, new doors will open, circumstances, individuals, pathways in alignment with your soul mission, will be presented to you, gifts from the Universe, for your hard work, your perseverance, you will to overcome.

Many of us stay in a loveless relationship because children are involved, believing it is doing them more of a disservice to end the unhealthy dynamic, than to part ways – and begin again.

But at what cost? How does this serve our young, impressionable children when their greatest role models, their parents, are unable, for whatever reason, to exemplify a stable, harmonious, love relationship?

With a background in psychotherapy, specializing in marriage and family therapy, and personally having faced the dissolution of my own long term marriage, I understand the desire to stay, to make the marriage work.

I too continue to share two young children with my then husband (now ex husband), who are now two incredible, happy, healthy, thriving young men.

I believe that what harms children most in the divorce process is not the divorce itself, but rather how you deal with it. Children naturally love both parents, so when one parent ill speaks the other parent, turns the child against a parent, or is malicious against the other parent, in the child’s presence, the child suffers.

But, when care is taken to ensure that the ego falls away and both parents are capable of taking a healthy, neutral approach to the end of their journey together, the child will benefit.

I firmly believe that when the light goes out and love is no longer part of the equation, it serves the children’s highest good, to close that chapter of your life. In time, you will grow to honor the experience. It is alright to begin again, there is no judgment in it.

By leaving, you make yourself a priority, this is self-love. In loving yourself and knowing your worth, the Universe responds to this higher frequency by opening doors that were once closed, by bringing opportunities for career/financial stability, and you are gifted with the greatest of all abundance, true love.

As you await the gift of true love, however, it is important to stay grounded in the present. Many times, in our mind’s eye, we create a mental picture of the life, the love, the dreams, the goals we want to achieve – and we get attached to those images, a fantasy world with feel good emotions.

Of course, you must have aspirations, dreams, visions of the abundance and prosperity that is your divine right, but suffering happens when we get tied to the future life that lives only inside of our head.

Visualization is a key piece to manifestation, but you want to stay in the present moment. The past no longer exists, the future is yet to come. Breathe that in, deeply, this divine moment, revel in it, it is one of life’s greatest blessings, prana, life force energy.

And when your mind races off into the future again, recognize it for what it is, a thought – and let it go. Train your mind to stay in this moment. Use your breath to stay grounded, aware, rooted in the present. Deeply inhale, deeply exhale. Do this a few times when you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts.

Rest your mind in the movement of your breath. Do this by noting when a thought arises in your mind, by saying to yourself or out loud, “okay that is a thought.” After noting it as a thought, without judging yourself or the thought, let it go. Your aim is to control your mind, not allowing it to take the reins.

When you take the steps needed to elevate on a soul level, by leaving a lower vibrational relationship, by becoming more conscious of the thoughts, actions and words you choose, by electing to surround yourself with a circle of friends who are on a path of higher awareness, you begin to align with Universal Energies.

By aligning with your true essence, your soul, the Universe rallies behind your newly acquired higher vibrational way of life, and helps you to achieve all that your heart longs for.

The Universe aims to please, but is simply waiting in the wings for you to “wake up,” to rise from your deep slumber, as we forget our true selves after incarnating into our physical bodies. And we continue living lives that do not resonate with or support our highest, grandest selves.

After taking those emboldened steps forward on your life path, to reach your highest potential, to welcome in abundance, this is when you must let go of control. There is a Divine plan for your life, the Universe is now at the helm. All will begin to unfold for you in perfect Divine right time.

There is always peace, calm, stillness after the storm. You were created to weather the hardest days, the most grueling nights, pockets of time where you felt lost, afraid – and terribly alone.

But you never are alone, you are always being guided by the Universe, feel comforted by this reality. You are cherished, loved by spirit light beings in the spirit realm. Your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, departed loved ones and ancestors are with you, at this very moment.

Ask the Universe for signs or messages. You were given free will, your spirit team cannot intervene in your life without your permission. The Universe wants you awakened to the miracles that are already in your life – and those that await you.

All of it has happened for you, not to you, rest in that greater space of awareness. You are one with the Divine, one with this great, big Universe that surrounds you, envelops you.

Go forward, bravely, boldly, and with conviction. From this situation, only good will come.

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