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I am writing this blog just days into the New Year, 2021. I must admit, this year, as the clock struck 12:00, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Life is precious, it is a gift. Each day, as I rise to greet a new day, my heart is full of gratitude. I am grateful for so many things in my life, all of my blessings. My family, faithful friends, life, health – and peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Was I always this aware, this thankful? Not at all. In my case, it took crisis, challenge, and heartbreak to come to where I am today. It has been quite the journey, but today I understand that this is what my soul asked for, to allow for inner transformation.

Often, when you face darkness on your path, you grow deeply grateful for moments you once took for granted. Pockets of time, of light, of love, inner peace, each healing, cleansing breath of life force energy. All found in each present moment.

As a global community, we are still finding our way through a pandemic. Covid -19, a major health crisis, that has reached far and wide.

Here in the US, we saw and felt, on a visceral level, the undercurrents of fear that continues to persist, as countless incidents of hate against those of color, rose up, surfaced for all to see, all for the purpose of healing.

I believe everything has a purpose. And although those acts of violence against our marginalized brothers and sisters were disturbing, gut wrenching, and moved many worldwide to the streets, as a show of indignation, I believe it all happened so that we, as a people, can heal what still needs much healing.

We can choose to view these events as signposts for needed global change.

My greatest wish for this new year is that we will make the choice to collectively use these challenges, these fear-based incidents, as opportunities to grow, to transform within, to increase on a soul level.

Because when you change, when you choose peace as a way of being, it impacts those around you – and it does effect the planet. Peace does begin with you.

As spiritual beings, created of energy, through Source, the Creator, the essence of your soul radiates pure, divine white light. When you leave your human body, your soul remains, this is what you are, a divine soul being.

And with each decision to return to the planet, you do so with the intent to elevate, to expand, to step further into the true being-ness of your soul.

Moving deeper into who you are means you choose peace, in the words you use, the thoughts you entertain, and through your actions. This is your true nature, it is peace, it is love. It is what was intended. And you were given the power to create your reality through your thoughts.

Your choice to embrace a higher vibrational way of being, creates a reality that is in harmony, balanced – and peaceful. You are a magnificent, powerful being who was also given personal freedom, the will to choose.

Choosing peace is exactly that, a choice. The Universe is always working with you, providing opportunities, in each divine moment, for you to choose love over the alternative, fear.

Fear is: hate, anger, resentment, lack of acceptance, lack of respect, and jealousy. Love is: compassion, peace, joy, acceptance, and forgiveness. Darkness and light. Two opposing forces. One is found through the ego, while the other is heart-centered, it is your true makeup. Love reflects the fabric of your soul.

Outside of your physical body, you are ego-less. The ego is the human aspect we take on after incarnation. It is the part of the human experience we are here to overcome. The ego brings doubt of who you are, the goodness of others, limitation in all of life, and creates doubt that we are always supported by the Universe.

In every interaction, arises another moment to embrace your truest self. This is the nature of your soul. It is who you are. Choose peace, the health of our planet rests in your hands, it depends on your willingness to take personal ownership of how you choose to live in the world. Peace is you, you are peace.

There will be times on your path where you identify more with your human-ness, returning to old beliefs, patterns, the more ego-centric shape you took on when you arrived on the planet. This way of being no longer serves you as you elevate.

Do not judge yourself, the Divine realm does not lay in judgment of you. You are simply being led down a road that leads to your highest self. Recognize it for what it is, lessons learned – and yet another chance to envelop your true identity.

By choosing language, behaviors, and thoughts aligned with the highest vibrational emotion there is, love, the planet is balanced.

Your every thought, word, and impulse is made of energy. Always take time to go within, take a long, hard look at yourself, ensure that what you put out into the ethers is of a positive nature. You get back what you put out. This is how energy works.

Take inventory of what you are choosing to align with everyday. Is it of a positive nature, or is it more of a lower vibrational way of showing up?

Life is rife with challenges, and buttons do get pressed, trust me, I fully resonate with that reality. But your ability to view conflict from a higher level of awareness, as an opportunity to grow, to transform, to elevate, to step further into alignment with the true nature of your soul, is what you are being asked to embrace.

Remember, the choice is always yours, to remain at a lower vibrational frequency or to ascend. As you increase in your level of internal awareness, you begin to view yourself, as a spectator would, observing yourself from the outside – in. This is progress, it means you are growing in self-awareness.

You become keenly aware of the moments that you beliefs, intentions, or your speech were not in alignment with your nature as a spiritual being. Stay the course.

Meditation is a powerful way to connect with your true self, your soul, and the peace that resides within you. In the morning as you rise, is the best time to devote to your inner wellbeing. And if you wish to stay even tempered throughout the day, you can increase your meditative practice, including a mid-day session, and another just before bed.

Many prefer to meditate on their own. If however, you are new to meditation or prefer a guided meditative practice, I highly recommend Headspace. It is a meditation app that is available on both the iPhone and Android devices.

You can choose a specific area of your life you wish to achieve balance such as: restlessness, dealing with challenging times, sleep, coping with change, patience, appreciation, happiness – and much more.

I began meditating four years ago with Headspace – and continue to do so today. It is guided, has many topics to choose from, and is timed, from three minutes to fifteen minutes. There is a newer version now available with courses in each area – and comes with an option for group meditation.

Studies show that when a large number of people come together to meditate, it profoundly decreases the rate of violent crimes in that area. This is otherwise known as the Maharishi effect. Meditation is a powerful gift to humanity.

Connecting with your heart chakra (energy center) is also helpful in keeping a harmonious, peaceful, loving way of being. Healing crystals such as rose quartz (light pink color) are helpful for increasing self-love, self-acceptance, love for others, and to heal the heart chakra after deep sadness, heartbreak, or loss which could create a blockage or imbalance in this energy center. Place the healing stone in your pocket, in a sachet, or in your sports bra, at the center of your heart.

Wearing green clothing, a healing color that represents the heart chakra, is another way to connect with your heart center. Getting out in nature, at the park, or going hiking in the mountains, surrounded by trees and foliage, of this healing green color, does have the power to heal the heart.

We are all interconnected through Source, the Universe, God, Spirit, or any name you prefer to give to the Creative Force that exists. Your frequency, your vibration, your personal choice to live a balanced, harmonious life does affect those around you, it does balance the vibration of the planet.

To truly value inner peace, you likely experienced internal unrest. To prioritize love, you must have had a firsthand glimpse at hate, you understand and respect its pervasiveness. You also realize that it is always a choice to go in one direction versus the other.

When your inner landscape is balanced, your outer world is balanced, then you are moving in harmony with the entire Universe – and Universal energies.

As you align with the energies of the Universe, you are in the flow of life, and your ability to manifest goodness into your life and onto the planet is at its highest.

Staying mindful of your way of ‘being’ is the first step. This is what is meant to live with greater consciousness. Choosing every day, to carry a higher awareness of the self, the Universe, and your individual power as a spirit being to change not only the course of your existence, but the trajectory of the planet. This is an empowering, elevating, and life altering path of choice.

You have chosen a new, elevating, more spiritually enlightened way of being. Each opportunity that presents itself is here for you to choose peace over conflict, love not fear, your heart, instead of your ego.

Nothing happens by chance, random events do not exist. The ego is what casts doubt on the miracles embedded in our Universe. Divinely guided opportunities arise for you to choose the light. Always remember this.

And when you do, when you continue to give and receive love freely, without anger, resentment, with a heart full of gratitude for each blessing in your life, the Universe rewards you with all of your heart’s desires. This is the Divine path your soul chose when you were in soul form. Your spirit team is here to support, guide, encourage and cheer you on when you remember your true essence.

With an optimistic mindset and positive emotions, your energetic frequency matches everything you want and deserve – and you manifest them into your life in synchronistic ways.

The true love you long for, the career that beckons your soul, the desire for motherhood, the family that awaits you, the joy and peace you feel deep inside you, all that is your birthright, will come to you. For you are now living aligned with the energies of the Higher realm, you are now living authentically as a spirit being.

Just as a moth goes to the flame, you chose light, you craved peace, you resonated with love – and attracted blessings to you. You have earned it!

With a heart wide open, you feel lighter, brighter, more at ease with yourself and with the world. And with grace and humility, you are a dignified presence. The embodiment of peace, it is who you are.

You are in balance. This is what abundance looks like, in all its forms, this is prosperity, all gifts, blessings from above.

Choosing a peaceful way of life what your soul is yearning for. Give your soul the elixir it is in search of. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with the goodness that is inside of you. A piece of Source is within, you are Divine, you are love, peace is your identity.

Know that your presence, each difficult life experience, each painful moment you face, has a deeper meaning. And you are always being guided, supported – and protected by the Divine realm.

Your choice to be in your human body, to overcome the heartache, to fully let go of all attachment to the past, to begin again with a light heart, is all happening for you, for the purpose of soul elevation, your personal inner transformation. The Universe is awaiting the success of your soul’s mission.

May we all choose to make peace a part of our everyday lives. May we always rise to meet each day with a heart that is light. May every breath emerge with the intention of love.

Allow your ego to fall away, choose peace, commit to staying lit – and be a living, breathing, walking example of Divine light and love. Your vibration, our vibration, the vibrational frequency of the planet will rise, as you make the conscious decision to return to your true nature, the divinity of your soul.

To do so, is a conscious choice, one of higher awareness, with an earnest, heart-centered desire to work with Divine energies, for the greater good of all.

May we all know joy. May we experience true inner peace. And may we always be free from fear.

And so it is…

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