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In this blog, I will share with you the importance of knowing your worth. I will also discuss the connection between self worth and the happiness you experience in your life. Although the concept of self-love is widely used today, my own personal journey to embracing self-love and self-worth led me to realize just how fundamental knowing your worth truly is to living out your destiny.

I believe that self-worth is a concept that demonstrates a number of things. It suggests you are at a place on your journey where you know who you are. In knowing who you are as a unique being, you embrace your faults, your gifts, your lessons learned, and all that you are. You realize you are created perfectly imperfect and you honor your past, present, and where you are headed. Because you hold deep compassion, respect and love for who you are and where you have been, you know your worth.

You understand that you are created as this incredible soul, made of pure white light. Your essence is otherworldly. You feel a deep connection to Source and understand this innate bond entitles you to experience only good things in this life. Does that mean that your journey will be without challenges? Absolutely not! The soul has come here with the intention to grow. And without experiencing setbacks, heartache, and sorrow, there would be no growth.

In overcoming the pain and suffering on your life journey, you experience soul expansion, and transform within. By stepping into your power as a strong, capable being, you overcome the struggles your soul has willingly come here to face. When you embrace all that has happened in your life, make peace with yourself and with those on your journey (even those who you believe have caused you pain) you then heal, transform, and elevate. You develop a greater sense of self and love for who you are.

Four years ago, I faced my own space of suffering when I walked away from an unbalanced, unhappy marriage of seventeen years. I am proud to say we continue to share two incredible children today. When I left the marriage, I was adamant my children would come to know what a loving marriage looked like. However, as I attempted to rebuild my life on my own, I struggled to feel strong, whole, and happy once again.

There was so much self-doubt, self-loathing, and self-annihilation. I punished myself, for many months, with unhealthy thoughts and negative self talk. I blamed myself for breaking up the family unit. I second guessed myself constantly. It also did not help as my family and friends at the time, added to the negativity I experienced. They believed I should return to the toxic environment I finally had the courage to leave.

At the same time, my father was losing his life to cancer. I was cycling through symptoms of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks everyday, which lasted over three years. It was the hardest, most trying period of my life. I secretly wondered if I would ever recover.

Today I realize it all happened for me so that I could rely on myself, grow spiritually, and to better trust my intuition. The Universe gave me an opportunity to love myself, expand, and embrace my divinity. I journeyed within, did the inner work, and healed both mentally and emotionally.

When you experience heartbreak, trauma, abuse or deep sadness, your heart absorbs the pain. The negative messages you receive from others, how you process your experience, and the messages you tell yourself have a great impact on your self-esteem, self-love, and sense of self-worth.

You are a spiritual being, having a human experience, not the other way around. You are made of energy. When your self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem are hurt by the challenges you experience, this affects your energetic vibration. Your self-image and sense of self are attacked (via blame, guilt, shame from self/others). Without realizing it, you block yourself energetically from the gifts the Universe wants to give you. All of the Universe is organized through a balance of love and harmony (for self and others), and when you are off your energetic center, abundance and prosperity cannot flow toward you.

Filling up the emotional void you feel at the end of a partnership, by quickly entering into a new one, does not allow you time to recuperate on a mental and emotional level. A pattern of attracting unhealthy, toxic friends or love interests toward you is also a good indicator of the need for inner healing. Following the end of an unhealthy relationship, it is beneficial to take time to heal from that connection. Healing gives the next partnership a healthy foundation, allowing it to grow and thrive.

Going in search of a relationship to end boredom, the feeling of monotony, or loneliness stems from fear. When you are firm in your worthiness, you let go, surrender and work on you. Focus on your goals, wants, and dreams, knowing a healthy, reciprocal, loving relationship will come to you in divine timing. By letting go, your vibration elevates and your thoughts become more positive, attracting all that is good into your life.

You do not need a substance, relationship or circumstance to feel whole and complete. Often, the belief is that a person, event, or situation will improve your life. It may be the love relationship, the degree, the baby, or the house. True happiness is not found by looking outside of yourself for fulfillment. Instead, go in search of the beauty, value, and divinity that lives inside you.

Surround yourself with happy, loving, genuine people who see your true essence. When you value yourself, your circle too, will recognize what you bring to the table. Your internal happiness depends on the peace, clarity, and love you feel within. Discover the richness that has always been on the inside. Find your worth there, and your external world will reflect the inner value you discovered.

When you love yourself, know you are worthy, and are in harmony with yourself and others, you begin to resonate at a higher frequency. By vibrating at a greater resonance, you attract all blessings waiting for you to energetically align with them. Everything you want can be manifested into your reality. But, to do this, your thoughts, words, and actions must align with the highest vibrating energy there is – love. Self-love is at the core.

Choose people, situations, and conditions that serve your highest good. Make yourself, your well being, and your happiness a top priority. Focusing on your wellness does not mean you must overlook the needs of those you love. Rather, meeting the wants, goals, and dreams of your loved ones, requires that you look after the wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit.

Safeguarding your mind, body, and spirit also includes surrounding yourself with those who are balanced. If you are in an unhealthy, unhappy, toxic relationship or continue to attract those who drain you energetically, it will be difficult to draw abundance toward you. The Universe wants to gift you with all of your heart’s desires, (i.e.. love, health, joy, peace, finances, etc.) yet, your energy must be aligned with this higher vibration (love) to manifest what you want.

You also make yourself a priority by placing healthy boundaries up in your life. Boundaries help keep you safe, maintain your self-respect, your self-love, and your self-worth. When you show others that you respect yourself, and will not tolerate anything less, respect is what you will receive in return. As you set healthy limits, your confidence, sense of self, and worthiness increase. By walking away from anything or anyone not aligned with your highest good, your energetic resonance increases. And the Universe will respond to your elevated vibration.

Abundance and prosperity are your birthright. The Universe is waiting for you to awaken to your divinity, your true nature. When you experience pain in your life, you may forget who you are and that you are deserving. Your lesson in this lifetime may be one of self-love, as you may have lost track of your nucleus. It is now time to find your way back to yourself. Go on the inside. Fall in love with yourself all over again. This is how you take back your personal power – and regain your self-worth.

Honor the past, have compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself and all of those in your story. This is how you grow. It is in growing from the pain that you transform. With transformation comes a solid, unshakeable sense of self.

What emerges is an unwavering inner knowing of what is acceptable in your life and what must go. Reach the point where no person, situation, or circumstance can shake you or cause you to lose your center. You are now a formidable force.

You attract only goodness into your life. All that is not for you (i.e..unhealthy people, experiences, patterns) will suddenly leave your life. It all happens for your highest good, just as the Universe intended. Choose you first. Make yourself a priority by walking away from all that does not serve you or grow you. And always remember, you are worthy of all the goodness this life has to offer.

Nothing outside of you can bring you what you are looking for. All that you want, need, and deserve is already there. Awaken to the brilliance of your soul. Love you first, and surrender to the abundance that awaits you.

Much love,


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