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You are a part of this immense planet, this vast Universe that surrounds you. At the core, you are a soul. Although you are a spiritual being, you were born to experience what it means to be human, in all its forms, so that your soul can grow. You chose to return so that your soul would be challenged, tested, pushed to what you perceived to be unbearable limits, for the sole purpose of inner transformation.

Your relationships are a key piece to your soul’s decision to incarnate for expansion. Your friends, family, spouse, children, co-workers, and all you are connected to or associate with, were chosen by you before you arrived. In soul form, you chose your children, your parents, your siblings, your ex-husband, your lovers, and your best friend.

You communed with them before incarnating, and decided the role each would play in your life. You agreed to the trials, the obstacles, the opposition and struggles you faced. They accepted the task of challenging you. And, some of these connections might have brought you anger, disappointment, sadness, and pain.

Relationships give you insight into who you are, your core wounds, your strengths – and limitations. It is through your connections to others that you develop a clearer understanding of the inner work that is yet to be done. At the same time, you are better able to recognize that you have developed, increased – and expanded.

In relationships however, it is important to set boundaries, limits that are rooted, immovable, anchored in who you are as a divine being. When you remember who you are, your divinity, there is no question that you deserve the best in your life. Boundaries help to show others that you know your worth, demand respect, and that there will be consequences if those limits are overstepped.

People will only take from you what you allow. As you make boundary-setting a regular practice in all of your relationships, others will have greater regard for your wishes, feelings, your rights – and expectations. With regular limit-setting, your self-confidence will grow. Through boundaries, your own sense of self, self-respect, and your trust in the choices you make are heightened.

Be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself when you neglect to set boundaries in your relationships with others. Tomorrow is a new day, to begin again, to realign with what you want and deserve. In your love relationships, this is especially important. Your relationship will only thrive when you show your lover that you respect yourself enough to establish restrictions, conditions, limits that are not to be crossed. A strong connection is formed when you say “no” to all that does not resonate with who you are.

Very often women, who are by nature empaths or natural born givers, tend to put the wants, whims, and expectations of those they love above their own needs. Naturally, as in all relationships, there must be ‘give and take’, balance, and sacrifice. But when there is a pattern of forsaking your own wishes to keep the peace or so that you don’t rock the boat, you are giving your power away.

By setting limits, your emotional, mental, physical health, safety -and security stays intact. Not everyone in your life will understand why you chose to set these limits. And that is alright, it is not your job to bring that awareness to them.

You might be in the company of energy vampires. These parasites have a pattern of criticizing, belittling, arguing, attempting to wield control over you, boosting their energy supply, as they drain yours.

They are often referred to as narcissists, whose childhood wounding has not been healed, affecting their relationships with those close to them. These leeches might be those who you call friend, family, business partner, ex-husband or neighbor.

When you choose to distance yourself from them, they become cold, angry – and vengeful. Embrace this new boundary, as it serves as confirmation that you chose well in making needed changes in your relationships. These narcissists must then attempt to find another source of energy supply, from which to fill their own limited vessel.

As you live your life in alignment with your soul, your authentic self, those not aligned with your higher vibration, your destiny, the abundance that awaits you, fall away.

Family, friends, any associations not energetically in line with your higher vibration, leave your life. Your choice to create boundaries, allows the old energy to leave, ushering in the new, healthy, positive energy – and prosperity the Universe wants to make yours.

If you need help in boundary-setting, ask Archangel Michael for assistance. Archangel Michael is the strongest Archangel, most powerful protector of all souls. He will not come into your life without you asking, because of free will. Ask him to remove all those in your life who are not serving your highest good. They will exit your life, allowing you to bring in clean, fresh, elevated energy into your reality.

If you are sensitive to the energy of others, ‘feeling’ the negative vibes of those around you, create a mental picture of a shield of bright, white light, surrounding your body, protecting you.

Ask Archangel Michael to protect you from all negative energy that might harm your own energy field.

As beings of light energy, we are all interconnected, through Source, the Creator. The energy of others does affect your own, protect it.

When you set limits, you protect your heart. Your heart is where you find your power. It is what gives you feelings of peace, harmony, compassion, acceptance – and love. Love is the most powerful energy that exists. Your heart is the seat of your soul, connecting you to the Divine, and the spirit realm.

And when you shield your heart, you stay powerfully connected to the spiritual dimension. You receive clear messages, guidance, support, leading you forward, with confidence on your life’s journey.

Boundaries keep you aligned with Universal energies, preventing negative external sources (i.e.. people, things, events, situations) from taking you off the path that is yours, your destiny.

Continue to create the life you want, yearn for, dream of, as you align yourself with the people, things, environments, and circumstances that are for your greatest good.

As you do this, you close the doors to the past, the unhealthy, the pain. By closing those doors, you allow new doors to open. These doors will always lead you exactly where you are meant to be, to what has always been yours, by virtue of your divine birthright.

The soul was given the gift of personal freedom, the right to love, to live, and to simply be in alignment with the fabric of the soul. From this choice to live in accord with your soul’s resonance, is the freedom to set limits in your life. Through boundaries, you live life on your terms, choosing all that serves your highest, greatest good.

You might choose to eliminate those that no longer align with your new path, others whose words, intentions, and actions are lower in vibration (i.e.. hate, violence, jealousy, negativity, judgment, substance abuse). Allow these people, things, all elements that hold your soul back, to fall away. Your soul is here, to grow, to prosper, and to expand.

Not only will you begin to live in accordance with the truth of your soul, but you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Everything is energy. People, thoughts, words, actions – and they all impact your vibration. By consistently setting limits in your life, your self-esteem, awareness of self, and your confidence will increase. As you do this, you further align with your core self. The moments you fail to set boundaries, be kind with yourself, be patient, you are growing.

Growth means falling over and over again, until you finally can walk, with strength, confidence – and certainty. Learning from your mistakes, your humanness, gives your soul the permission, the compassion it needs to blossom – and to thrive.

The more you resonate with the truth of your being, the more powerfully you can attract everything that is meant for you in this lifetime, the experiences, the opportunities and the people in alignment with your essence, your divine presence as a light being.

You are divine, hold onto this, never lose sight of it. And when you do, remind yourself who you are – and what you deserve. Your divinity means you are a jewel, a treasure in this world – and by treating yourself with loving kindness, you ensure the joy, the happiness, the abundance – and the prosperity that is divinely yours.

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