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Everywhere on the planet, souls are waking up! Each soul is programmed to awaken at some point in its incarnation. Often, a major life crisis such as: loss of a loved one, divorce, trauma, heartbreak or other significant life challenge, awakens you from the human trance you have been in. This is otherwise known as a spiritual awakening.

Almost four years ago, my spiritual path began with my awakening, as I faced major life challenges. I was losing my father to fourth stage laryngeal cancer and simultaneously was losing a long term marriage. Added to this, I witnessed a traumatic incident involving my father, while he was hospitalized, that brought on symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I began to experience anxiety, panic attacks, and bouts of depression. I thought I would never feel whole again, it took me more than three years to recover and heal. Today, I understand my soul agreed to experience these trials, at that precise moment in my life. I now understand the time had come, for me to wake up.

The greater the pain, the more your soul yearned for growth. This is what I learned on the spiritual path that unfolded before me.

An awakening was planned before you arrived and it takes place in divine timing, and in divine order. It happens at a point in your life, experienced as a challenge, deep pain, trauma, or a major life shift, opening you up, making you “ripe” for transformation.

This ‘opening up’ of the self brings on your spiritual awakening. When you face anything in your life that pushes you to limits you never thought you could withstand, this creates the opportunity for your soul to grow. Your soul elected to return to grow, transform, and expand from your challenge. It is however, up to you to take what you have learned from the lesson, to overcome – and transcend it.

Your physical body is an encasing, it reveals your humanness to the physical world. Yet, your essence is that of a soul. You have a piece of Source, pure divine white light, that is the energetic aspect of your being. Although you cannot see it, this divine light is what makes up your soul.

And through your connection to the Divine, Source, Spirit, God or the Universe (however you choose to refer to this Creative Force), you are connected to each person on the planet. We are all interconnected, through Source. You discover this when your soul awakens.

From a spiritual awakening, the truth of your essence as a divine soul is revealed. There is a remembrance of the self as divine. You come to realize that God is inside of you, not somewhere in the sky, far away. Source is a part of your makeup, this is what makes your soul eternal, limitless.

On your spiritual path, you face challenges. And from these challenges, you have the opportunity to learn lessons. It could be a lesson in forgiveness, self-love, persistence, or acceptance. The Universe sends you experiences that happen for you, to overcome the trials, and to learn the lesson. You know you have learned the lesson when you are no longer triggered by that person, thing, situation or event surrounding your challenge. When you look at your experience with compassion and acceptance for yourself and those in your ‘story’, this signals healing, growth – and transcendence of your humanness.

During a spiritual awakening, you may receive messages from the spirit realm (i.e.. angels, spirit guides, ascended masters) in the form of repeating numbers (i.e.. 1212, 111, 1010) that guide and support you on your journey. You may also experience unique, synchronistic events, that cannot be explained.

If you want to connect with the spirit realm on a deeper level, you can use prayer or meditation to do so. Your angels and guides want to help your soul in any way you need. Your happiness and joy, while in human form, is what they aim to help you achieve.

At this time, you are getting rid of the old or small self. You are shedding beliefs, ways of being, or thought patterns that hold you back from living as your true self. Your soul is by nature, whole, complete, and expansive. All obscurations (i.e.. self limiting beliefs, overthinking, negativity about relationships) cover up the brilliance of your true self, your soul.

In your childhood, your upbringing, your external environment, and your self-imposed limitations, kept you small, restricted, and stuck in your humanness. As you awaken, these limitations, lies, or misbeliefs about your true nature are shed, as you embrace your divinity.

Here are some symptoms you may experience as you spiritually awaken: tingling, muscle twitches, sweating, muscle cramps, flashes of light in the mind, drops of liquid, insect crawling sensation, change in sleep/eating patterns, clicking and popping of bones and ligaments, and mystical experiences.

There may be other symptoms you have personally experienced, not listed above. Remember this is part of the process as you remember your true self, it will abate in time. Be patient with yourself as you transform from within. The Universe may need to send you several experiences to learn a specific lesson. Always practice self-compassion and self-acceptance on your spiritual journey, knowing your soul wanted exactly this experience to grow.

As you ascend, you take the truth of who you are and create a reality that reflects your true self (across lifetimes, in different physical bodies, in various regions). You embark on this spiritual path to recognize your limitlessness – and your soul purpose.

Through ascension, you journey to parallel universes, where you personally confirm the existence of alternate beings, in other realties. Meditation is a powerful way to tap into the spiritual realm, the limitless energy available to you, and multidimensional realities.

Your soul experiences ascension when lessons have been learned and integrated. Your soul unlocks codes, upgrades, and awakens you to remember who you are, your divine birthright. As you ascend, you shift to a higher vibration. From your soul growth and expansion, your frequency increases. When each soul shifts to a higher vibration, the planet too, increases in its vibration. It is all part of the Divine plan.

You may experience chaotic emotions as you ascend. Find ways to stay grounded. One of my favorite ways to quickly get grounded is to walk barefoot in the grass, (i.e.. your backyard, the park, etc.) for fifteen minutes. You are made of energy and when you experience extreme stress, feel out of control, or disconnected from your body, getting grounded helps your soul to stay in your physical body.

Self-care and self-love are important during this time. Take time to nurture yourself. Take a warm bath, light some incense, and play some soothing, uplifting music such as mantras, (used to uplift and elevate you energetically) to keep your emotions balanced and your vibrations high. Engage in any self-care ritual to help you stay centered, calm, and peaceful during these cycles of ascension. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

If you want to awaken, and have not yet experienced a spiritual awakening, kundalini yoga is a powerful way to begin your spiritual journey. A kundalini awakening occurs when energy is powerfully moved up (from kriyas or yogic poses), from the base of the spine to the higher chakras. This strong movement of dormant energy helps to awaken you from your slumber, your dream state, your human limitations.

A kundalini awakening comes with symptoms and effects, equal to those of a spiritual awakening, connecting you to your soul – and your divinity. This is what separates kundalini yoga from other forms of yogic practice, it is the yoga of transformation.

You may need more than one awakening along the way, to further align with your true self. Remember, your growth into adulthood took time as you processed, integrated, and lived a life that reflected what you incorporated into your being. Now, as you awaken, you must unlearn all social conditioning that holds you hostage.

Three ways to live an enlightened life: pay attention, be astonished, and tell others. There are signs everywhere. The Universe is always communicating with you. You have been given free will, it is your choice to ask for help and it is up to you to make use of this support. Your guides want to help you accomplish your soul mission. And when you pay attention to the signs, you will always remain on the right path, the one paved only for your soul.

Be astonished, in awe with the wonder of this Creative Force. There is beauty everywhere, and you better realize the beauty in each divine moment when you get still, centered and grounded. Everything is organized to perfection, even loss, pain, or heartbreak. Souls incarnate over and over, to experience the full gamut of human emotions. Your soul grows, and you transform from your ability to overcome your pain. Tapping into the childlike sense of wonder, helps you to better connect with the spirit realm, and receive the guidance and support your soul needs (i.e.. playing with the kiddos, dancing, or singing).

Tell everyone you know about what you have learned on your spiritual path. As you learn, sharing this information helps other souls to awaken, transform, and ascend.

When you pay attention, remain in awe and share your experiences with others, your soul further integrates what you have learned – and you stay enlightened. Your goal, upon awakening, is to keep your vibrations high, stay aligned with your awakened self, and continue to grow. Stay committed to your spiritual growth, making this a top priority.

This is a journey, honor and respect it. And realize your path to ascension, enlightenment or transcendence does not happen all at once. It is a natural, organic process. When your soul is ready to move onto the next step, it will progress. On your spiritual path, continue to fall more deeply in love with who you are at your core, as you come into your own. Above all, this journey is a remembrance of your divinity.

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