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Change is one of the hardest things that we face but it is without question, part of life. As creatures of habit, we get stuck in our ways of being. Our thought patterns, attitudes, beliefs, and the choices we make all stem from our upbringing, the messages we receive from our external environment – and those we tell ourselves.

It could be a tendency to control people, situations, or outcomes in your life. It may be a belief you have about relationships. Or perhaps stubbornness, reactivity, or the need you have to always be right in an argument. We all have these quirks, it makes us who we are, unique. Different patterns, to different degrees.

We are also unique in our choice of friends, love partnerships, lifestyle, and situations we choose to be part of. Our individual ways of being and the choices we make in our life, however do directly affect our experiences.

At the end of my marriage to my (now ex) husband, I remember all too well, being in a very dark, heavy place. The relationship was coming to a close and what began as one glass of red wine at dinner, slowly grew to crying myself to sleep at bedtime, with almost a full bottle of Cabernet or Pinot Noir. I could feel myself, see myself, slowly slipping into a space I never thought I would be in, feeling powerless.

Although I decided to take steps to create radical change in my life by leaving an unhappy marriage, I continued drinking the same amount, without realizing it had become a harmful habit.

A few months after moving into my apartment with my two children, I began receiving messages from the other side. At the time, I was unsure what these repeating numbers meant and why I was suddenly receiving them.

I do believe in angels (higher vibrational frequency beings in the spirit realm) of light and love. My angels began to send me messages in the form of repeating numbers (i.e.. 1111, 222, 555, 777, etc.) and these numeric messages often guided me to change, not only unhealthy habits, but all negative thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs that were blocking me from aligning with the flow of abundance.

I eventually realized that the spirit realm was trying to get my attention, letting me know that the drinking was self-destructive, it was hurting me. They helped me understand that if I wanted to accomplish my goals, I would need to put an end to the drinking. I decided at that very moment, to end it. I realized it was simply blocking me from the joy and happiness I knew I wanted and deserved. This was not how I wanted my story to end.

You always have a choice. You can choose to stay on your current path or to take a detour. You will always be loved, guided, and supported, no matter what you choose. But every choice, whether it serves you and grows you or it limits who you are as an expansive being, comes with experiences that match that vibration.

You are a powerful, spiritual being, having the experience of being in a physical body. And because of this, you have the power to create your reality. Everything is made of energy, (i.e.. thoughts, words, actions). So, your beliefs about never being in a loving, committed relationship, energetically creates experiences that support these faulty beliefs. Choosing friends that are negative, unbalanced, and not in vibrational alignment with your divine self, will continue to attract situations, people, and circumstances with that lower energy frequency.

Your soul incarnated into your physical body for the purpose of soul growth. When you cling to situations, a career, habit, or relationship that keeps you stuck, your soul is kept in bondage. It cannot grow when it is not fed what it needs to sustain itself. Your soul needs love, compassion, genuine, healthy, higher vibrational friends, love partnerships, and experiences to thrive and expand.

What does not grow you and serve you, limits who you are by nature, a limitless being. When we choose things, people, and situations that are not in alignment with our soul, we hold ourselves back from aligning with the abundance and prosperity that awaits us all.

When making specific changes in your life, it helps to get clear on the changes you want to make – and how these new choices can positively transform your life.

Journaling de-clutters your mind. It de-stresses you by getting your worries out of your head and onto paper. If you are in a toxic, volatile marriage or partnership, take note of patterns, behaviors, beliefs, or experiences that take place in your relationship. We tend to lose track of subtle nuances in relationships, which turn out to be red flags we often forget or neglect.

It helps to reflect on your previous journal entries, keeping your antenna up, so that you can create boundaries in that relationship, if necessary. If this person threatens your life or causes you to fear for your safety, call 911 immediately. You can also contact the Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation Hotline: 1(800) 962-2873.

Journal about the changes you are considering making (i.e.. ending an unhealthy habit, friendship, thought pattern, partnership) and how this shift can better your life. You can apply journaling to anything you are experiencing in your life, and want to create change.

Keeping your journal close by (on your nightstand, in a safe place), allows you to write down any thoughts or discoveries that come to mind when you wake up in the morning or just before you go to bed at night.

Kundalini yoga and meditation is another powerful tool to help transform your life. Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of transformation. It helps keep your mind, body, and spirit in alignment with your core self, your soul.

It also shifts your mindset, creating mental space so that embracing change comes easier. When you have a still mind, you can better tap into your soul and understand what it needs to feel whole, safe, and fulfilled. Kundalini yoga transforms you, from the inside out, connecting you with your divine self.

I began the practice on and off for two years, when I had moved out on my own. At the time, I was experiencing anxiety, symptoms of depression, and panic attacks. Kundalini yoga balanced my energy centers or chakras, and got rid of all energetic blocks I developed from trauma. I fell in love with this unique, life transforming practice – and decided to get certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher. Not only did Kundalini yoga balance my nervous system, but it helps thousands of yogis around the globe to remember their divinity. Kundalini yoga transforms lives.

Get outdoors to connect with nature. Be alone with your thoughts as you take a walk in the park or sit beside the ocean – and consider the life shift you want to make.

Close your eyes, place your left hand, followed by the right, on the center of your chest, at your heart’s center. Take a few deep, long cleansing breaths. Get centered as you allow your soul to guide you.

As you close your eyes, visualize the life you want for yourself. You may wish to be more balanced in your everyday relationships with others. Envision yourself having peaceful, harmonious interactions with loved ones and those you encounter. Picture yourself, exchanging words of kindness, compassion, and sharing the abundance of love that lives inside you.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. When you embrace change, your vibration raises. As your frequency increases, the frequency of those around you, elevates. The planet benefits from your decision to change for the better.

And the planet shifts from all that we do to inject positivity into the world, by aligning with higher vibrational thoughts, words, people, habits, and ways of being.

You may simply want to change the time you get to bed, wanting to get more sleep. Getting to bed too late is a habit that affects your work, energy level, communication – and achieving life goals.

You will soon feel ready, having the confidence to take on the challenges that come with theses life changes. They may require you to tighten your circle, come to terms with the end of an unhealthy love relationship or make positive lifestyle choices, helping you accomplish your personal life goals.

Ask the Universe to help you make these changes in your life. Your angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters want to help you get aligned with your soul – and your destiny. You can also use prayers to get guidance from your spirit team. The Universe aims to please – and only wants for your happiness.

Freeing yourself from bonds that keep you stuck, gives you the freedom to take your life in any direction you choose. By resisting change, the flow of the Universe is blocked from bringing forth all that is your soul’s birthright (i.e.. love, happiness, health, career, peace).

Aligning your soul with higher vibrational choices (i.e.. healthy eating, friendships/partnerships) and ways of being (i.e.. positive thoughts, words, actions of compassion) are in energetic alignment with your true, divine self. And when you are in accord with who you are as a divine being, you match the higher resonance of Source, Spirit, or the Universe.

We are always given the freedom to choose. But our choices determine our ability to successfully attract our tribe or the career and love partner of our dreams.

The beliefs, friendships, lifestyle choices, lovers, and environments you choose, all play a critical role in what you experience in life. It is all a matter of energy and the level of vibration with which you choose to align. Choose wisely.

When you embrace change, you grow, become stronger, wiser, and your capabilities as a divine being are revealed to you. When you choose to leave a relationship that holds your soul hostage, you are freed. Your choice to close that chapter of your life will bring you a renewed sense of self. You will come to a space of greater self- awareness, self- love – and self-respect.

Have the courage to change a belief system that is not aligned with harmony, peace, and love. Stand strong in who you are and what you deserve in this life, by choosing a love that feels right. If you slip, returning to the habit, patterns, people, or situations that are not in alignment with your soul growth, have compassion for yourself. Know you have the power to begin again.

You do have the inner resolve, to make choices that will lead you down a higher vibrational life path. These positive life choices will radically change your life. You will begin to draw to you, all that your soul thirsts for. Remember, it is never too late to change. Embrace change, align with the flow of all that surrounds you – and manifest everything you desire into your reality. The Universe is waiting…

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