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Just as no two people are alike, so too the life path, designed specifically for your soul, differs from the journey of all others. No other soul on the planet can mirror who you are as a divine being.

Your personal truths, your strengths, your divine gift, your talents are all uniquely bound together, for your soul alone. You are not here to fall in line, rather you are here to pave your own path, to make your own way, to live a life in tandem with your soul’s contract.

In soul form, a soul decides on the lessons to be learned, the karma to be healed, those who will challenge them, the trauma, the crisis, the obstacles, the mission the soul will accomplish, is all contracted into before its return to the planet.

Your soul knows the path it is destined to take. When you are a physical incarnate, you forget this truth. You simply need to awaken to who you are, to know what that means for you. The spirit soars when it knows its purpose, its soul mission, its reason for being here. This gives life true meaning.

In taking the course meant for you, and you alone, this puts you in direct alignment with Universal Energies and the infinite support available to you. When your soul is at work on the assignment it entered into before it can remember, you will continue to receive the resources, the people, and the events that support your unique mission.

Remember, others will always judge you, your path, the dreams that arise from depths of your soul. And they are entitled to their opinion, their perceptions are based on their level of personal growth, ideals, value system, or simply out of self-interest or self-preservation.

In other words, if your choices on your divine path do not serve them, they might be inclined to cast judgment, negate or criticize the trail you have chosen to blaze. Blaze it, without hesitation.

The choice is yours to make, it always is. Life is comprised of choices, which should always come from a place that reflects who you are, what you want, and what you stand for, your personal truths.

Go within through meditation. Connect to your soul. Inside you will discover who you truly are, what your soul needs to feel fulfilled, what your spirit yearns for. On the inside, you uncover the truth of your existence, your limitless potential, the plan your soul agreed to before your arrival.

And when you do come face to face with your true identity, as a vast, immeasurable, powerfully-created cosmic being, you will walk, talk, think – and act with a presence that speaks to your divinity, your personal power, your vastness, the fortitude already embedded within your being.

This is your true essence. Your path is the plan your soul contracted into before your arrival. Never fear being true to yourself, it was an agreement your soul entered into, you simply need help to remember this truth.

There will be times on your chosen path where you feel lost and afraid. Remember, fear is a natural part of being human, in your physical body, but know that you are never alone. You are always being looked after, cared for, encouraged and supported by Divine Energies.

As a divine being, you are connected to Source, to the entire Universe. The Universe is made up of higher vibrational light beings, who are here to oversee your soul’s progress on earth.

Your fear is understood by your angels and spirit guides. They empathize with your attachment to fear, accepting it as part of the human experience. They know that when you are in your soul form, you fear nothing, understanding your true nature as an entity, without bounds.

On your personal journey, you will experience difficulties, experiences you asked for, as a soul being, for you to expand while here on the planet, after your incarnation.

In physical form, you perceive these challenges with a lens of fear, as you experience heartbreak, bereavement, and loss. Know that this did not occur by chance in your life, it is not bad luck, this is part of the Divine plan for your life.

Your spirit team can observe your life’s unfoldment, love you, support you, guide and comfort you during these major life transitions, as they are aware your soul asked for this very experience, for soul expansion in this present lifetime.

Nothing in life stays the same. People evolve, comfortable living arrangements, lifestyles, emotions, belief systems, patterns, everything changes. It serves your highest good to recognize and accept this fundamental life truth. There is great freedom in this higher awareness.

Naturally, the mind is comforted by the feeling of safety, in the familiar. And often resists the idea, believing that things should stay the same. Once we let go of this false belief, we allow situations to come and go, people to enter into our lives and to leave, give our emotions permission to show up, then to depart, recognizing our own impermanence as mortals.

Eventually, we come to a place of peace, feeling greater balance within, as our external world reflects that inner calm.

Breathe. Connect to your breath to center yourself. Meditate to connect to your higher self. This is who you are. Your higher self is connected to the Universe, to all that is.

Ask for guidance, it will be given to you. Through meditation, you can connect – and communicate with your angels. They will help you to manifest all that you desire.

Never lose hope on your path. Stay strong, remain steady, the signs, messages, and right way forward will come to you in miraculous ways. Not for one moment are you alone on your journey.

Feeling inner peace is your confirmation that the choices you are making are the right ones for your soul. The Divine, God, Spirit, Source, is inside of you. This Creative Force is always speaking to you. When you feel at peace, you are in communion with Spirit.

Be still, listen closely.

Make the choice to listen to your soul. When you do, you rid of the fear, you know where you are headed. This is when you once again re-connect to the Creator, to the Universe, to the unlimited supply of love, guidance, and encouragement here for you.

When you connect to Source, you are in relationship with your core self. To know your Divine path, start here, connect to your soul.

Awakening to your soul’s path can take place when you face crisis. This can be a loss, the end of a relationship, trauma, abuse, or otherwise. Your soul awakens to your true nature as a divine being, through what is known as a spiritual awakening.

In a previous blog, I delved deeply into the experience of a spiritual awakening, the signs, symptoms, all for the soul to ascend. Feel free to refer to it, for an in depth discussion on the topic of ‘awakening spiritually.’

It is awakening on a spiritual level that your soul is thrust forward, given a unique opportunity to awaken, to a journey that will lead you to your destiny.

A kundalini awakening is akin to a spiritual awakening, but differs in how it makes its way onto your life’s course. Through the practice of kundalini yoga, a kundalini awakening occurs when a sleeping serpent, (dormant energy representing your unlimited potential) powerfully rises from the base of your spine, traveling up to your higher chakras, activating your pineal gland, waking you up to your vastness – and your divinely given ability to manifest your dreams. Kundalini yoga will help you achieve this.

Through your awakening, you let go of all old things, thought patterns, habits, systems of beliefs, childhood/social conditioning – and any limitations that hold you back from achieving your soul purpose.

These ways of ‘being and doing’ no longer serve you positively. In releasing the old, you make space for the new you, to make its appearance. Your divine self takes its place.

Understand that your life challenge has arisen for you to take positive action on the goals and aspirations you have for yourself, it is here to move you beyond your comfort zone. You are not here to ‘get comfortable.’

Believe in yourself, you must, in order to succeed on your soul mission. Know that you are capable of achieving all of your heart’s desires. Keep a positive mindset, stay optimistic, expect only miracles – and the Universe will come together to make your dreams, your lived reality.

Through positive thoughts and affirmations, such as “I am capable,” “I am guided, supported, loved and cherished by the entire Universe,” “The doors leading to my divine path are wide open,” or “I am free to fly,” will help you to keep your thoughts aligned with Divine Energies.

This higher vibration will invite in all divine resources, to help move your life forward, as your dreams begin to manifest into your reality, one by one, all in divine timing.

It is your life to live, live it your way – and you will manifest the life you love. Trust that you are on the right path. As you walk in alignment with who you are, the spirit realm will support and encourage you, with every step you take. Stay open to angelic guidance, everything will fall into place for you, in divine, right time.

And when you feel peaceful within, this is your confirmation that you are making the right choices on your divine path, they resonate with you, they are aligned with your true self.

Our past is our teacher, our present is our inspiration. Always walk your talk and speak your truth. This is your life path, your dream, your dharma.

You have all you need inside of you, personal freedom is your divine right, live a life that resonates with your soul’s deepest longings, seize this opportunity – and rise.

Open yourself up fully, to the guidance of the spirit realm. Ask for signs, messages and all forms of help to shed light on the way ahead for your life.

You have a team of light beings, eager to see your soul advance, overcome the pain, the loss, the tragedy, that was your soul’s choice, all for the intent of providing you the wisdom, the strength, the valor, the lived experience your soul needs for its soul mission.

Now, you no longer need to learn the hard lessons. You have healed, your soul is ready for the next step it must take to bring your dreams to fruition.

Your inner lens is sharper, as you now understand that the events, mishaps, all that once appeared as stumbling blocks, were in reality, opportunities for your soul to grow, to prepare you for where you are headed.

Torrential blessings are upon you, step further into who you are, with confidence, with an inner knowingness that you are blessed. Expect only miracles – and this is what you will receive. Our thoughts create our reality.

And although the ride is not always a smooth one, it is the twists, turns, the unexpected, the uneven terrain, that built you, from within.

So, yes you can. Yes, you will. Take hold of your life, your dreams, what you wish to create, for yourself, for your children. Your children are your ‘why,’ this is why you must forge ahead, never taking no for an answer. Do it for them.

The Universe is behind you, every step of the way. Allow yourself to free-fall into the loving, protective, supportive arms of the Universe. Allow it to cradle you, nestle yourself there, in its supremacy, its vastness, trust its might, its love without conditions.

Walk with great courage through the doors of uncertainty. And when doubt re-surfaces, know this is natural. Replace it with hope, faith – and trust in the powers of Divine Energies.

Know you can only control your piece of the unfoldment of your soul’s destiny. The Universe will do the rest, as it places you in the right place at the right time, the connections who will help you take the necessary steps needed on your path, the love you thought would pass you by, will appear. And the full picture of your life mission will be revealed to you, in perfect time, Divine time.

The sun will always rise again on your chosen journey, regardless of what it looks like today.

Develop a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. Accept who you are, all you have been through, forgive yourself over and over again, this is a must.

As you await the next steps to be revealed to you, continue to work with diligence, with passion, on your craft, your dreams, your divine mission.

But balance your work with rest, with play, allow your mind, body, and spirit to exist in sweet harmony. Strike a healthy balance between the two energies, the Divine masculine and Divine feminine. Embrace the go-getter and the goddess within.

Give your spirit what it needs to sustain itself. Seek solace at the sea, become one with all of nature in the outdoors. Inhale the love that is all around you. Mother Nature never disappoints, her love is everywhere.

Stay aware, look out for signs and synchronistic events, they will guide you, showing you the next steps that will move you further up the pathway.

Remain in awe of this grand Universe that surrounds you, as this childlike quality within keeps you powerfully connected to the miracle in each moment, to the Divine realm – and to the abundance and prosperity that is all around you.

Tell everyone you know, that love, support, and miracles await them, when they choose to connect to their soul and the Divine path that awaits their full embrace.

The more that each soul incarnate knows, ‘wakes up,’ to the the love that surrounds them, the less fear that will envelop that soul, allowing them, you, and our planet to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Do your part in raising awareness. It is then that soul’s choice to take that information and use it or not to. Let others know their soul is here to do great things – and that the journey is never a lonely one.

Know what you want, what you will accept, and what you deserve, in love, your career, in all of life.

You deserve only the best.

Choose the path that resonates with who you are – and trust you are right where you are supposed to be.

Your path is your own, walk it the way and in the direction your soul dictates, no one else. Have the highest expectations for yourself, for your life – and the Universe will meet you there.

Our pasts our teacher, our present is our inspiration. Walk your talk, speak your truth, this is your life, your dream, your soul’s dharma.

Everything you need is already inside of you. Personal freedom is your divine right, live a life that resonates with your soul’s deepest longings, seize this opportunity – and rise.

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